For parents, the whole selfie phenomenon can be a bit perplexing. Well, in some cases, it's just harmless fun. But for other teens, selfies can actually be part of a much deeper rooted problem. For some teens, their self-worth is highly dependent upon the feedback they receive from their selfies.

The more likes, hearts, or positive comments they get, the better they feel. She may declare verbreiten skinny teen girl selfie unattractive and unloved if she doesn't get the response she hoped for. Often, the need to get a surge in self-esteem becomes addictive.

Teens become obsessed with taking attractive selfies in an effort to gain positive attention from others. There have been reports of some teens spending hours each day trying to take a perfect selfie that could help gain accolades verbreiten skinny teen girl selfie people on social media. Many teens are sharing scantily clad photos for the entire world to see. Or worse yet, if they break up, that photo could be posted on social media in an act of revenge.

A common trend among teens is to take selfies that include action shots in the background. Teens are taking photos of themselves in front of burning buildings while standing underneath waterfalls, or while performing various stunts. Sadly, some teens have verbreiten skinny teen girl selfie trying to take risky selfies that they thought would make them look cool.

Another danger of taking selfies that many teens unknowingly reveal their location. They don't realize the street sign behind them or their house in the background may make it easy for a predator verbreiten skinny teen girl selfie find their location. Selfies can be a healthy way for teens to express themselves. Help your teen understand how selfies can become problematic. Have frequent conversations with your teen about the dangers of selfies.

Ask questions about social media and what your teen thinks about people who post selfies. Educate your teen about how selfies could be viewed by future employers or college admissions offices as well. It's important for your teen to recognize that something that may seem like a harmless prank now could become a serious problem later on. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy.

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