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Beautiful Car and Beautiful Girls! Enjoy this album of classic muscle cars and girls. Find your next classic car here at ACC — start a new search here. America has had a love affair with muscle cars. From vintage models to newer iterations of these brawny beasts, car enthusiasts are taken with the power and bravado they exude. These cars are known for their torque that lay down the rubber on short run tracks and the horse power of the V8 engines most commonly used to power them is surprising.

The major difference is the longer wheelbase and the Super Bee was heavier by 65 pounds. The tail stripe with the bumblebee and an enhanced grille, chrome plated medallions of the Bee and a few other visual differences set this vehicle apart. It featured air conditioning as a luxury item along with a LS6 big block engine iwth open chamber aluminum heads and headers along with a Holly four barrel with an output of over horsepower.

This was a fast car that was popular for drag racing. It was the car that dreams are made of. During the design process, Bizzarini asked the AMC officials if a speed of mph would be fast enough and they agreed upon this aspect of the design. The super fast muscle car handled like a dream and was powered with a V8 cu in engine that generated horse power, and lb ft or torque, mated with a four speed transaxle, specially developed for the engine.

The sales for the model were high because muscle car enthusiasts loved the speed of this car, maxing out at mph hanks to the horse power engine. The model enjoyed its heyday inbut when prices began to rise the sales fell into the s. This car was made in America from through with special exterior badging as the bigger sibling of the Pontiac GTO.

ForPontiac free adult xxx porn site with Catalina name for this car. It was powered with a massive 6. The model made a reappearance in with sex dating in anita pennsylvania aerobody coupe and just 1, of the later models were released.

This was mated with a 4 speed manual transmission and it achieved a top speed of mph. This beauty was one of the hottest muscle cars in The car had a sleek and sporty aesthetic with horsepower and a matching lb ft or torque. Init was available with a larger engine which drove muscle car enthusiasts wild. The Chrysler 7. The acceleration was nothing short of amazing.

This was the edition of the Charger that combined all of the necessary elements of muscle with luxury. It was powered with a single four barrel engine which generated a generous horsepower. The speed and power were present and it was also packed with a ton of luxury features. These included leather and vinyl bucket seats, pedal accouterments, a light package, a sport steering wheel, hod mounted turn signals, a V8X tail pipe, woodgrain instrument panel, deep dish wheel covers and more.

What really made the Pontiac Firebird Coupe the most popular muscle cars und big tits year over its predecessors was the new upgrades in styling that gave it a more aggressive aesthetic with broader fenders and a few other exterior styling tweaks. The engine was an L74 offering horsepower with lb ft of torque, but it was also available in a Ram Air IV configuration that increased the horsepower by ten and kept torque at the same level.

The went from zero to sixty in 5. Special paint and a boat load of options were available for this racer which also happened to be fully street legal, no questions asked.

The original intention of the vehicle was for professional drag racing, but it found its way onto the streets. The engine produced horsepower and it as among the most powerful produced muscle cars und big tits this muscle cars und big tits year. What made the model so popular were the changes to the muscle cars und big tits and rear end along with enhancements to the front fenders, the hood, muscle cars und big tits new grille and the addition of quarter panels and a cloth and vinyl bench seat.

It was also available in new colors and svenska porrstjarnor dejting for unga new model had a more aggressive look with the addition of high back bucket seats, built in headrests and a few other luxury items.

The car was powered muscle cars und big tits a six barrel engine which was a carry over mated with a three speed manual transmission. There were only of these models ever built the Stage 1 package made the cam hotter with cold air induction through attractive and aggressive hood scoops which were also functional, with bigger valves and more displacement. The torque was mega porno linni meister har sex at ft lb with an engine rating of horsepower but some rated the engine at horses.

Even the name reflected a term that was loosely used to imply an irreverence towards authority. This car was aggressive and powerful with its powerful V8 engine matched with a three speed manual transmission and a Hurst Muscle cars und big tits handle shifter. The Judge made its first appearance in and by the following year was an icon that everyone wanted to own. This beefy east was fitted with big wide track Polyglass tires and it had a solid and capable build with a inch wheelbase.

The handling was superb as well as the acceleration. The model was powered with a SS that delivered horsepower along with lb ft of torque and it ruled the road. This variant of the Ford Muscle cars und big tits came to be known as BOss 9 and it is prized today as one of the most highly valued and rare Mustang muscle cars.

The Boss engine was massive and tuned for performance. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am represented a new special edition in the line. It was powered muscle cars und big tits a Chevy V8 engine that was mated with a four speed manual T BW transmission.

You could order this edition in an LT trim, known as the limited touring edition with tons of amenities and it was also available in a ton of aesthetics options including gold spokes and a gold dash face with the Red Bird option. This model was built expressly in a limited edition that was designed for high performance for winning NASCAR races after previous failures.

Dodge hit the mark as this car won the Talladega the fall after its birth. This iteration hit the mph mark at the race and it was just the beginning of a successful run at the racetrack as the Plymouth Superbird which succeeded it went on the next year to clean up at the race track. This generated horse power and lb ft of torque. It was commonly referred to as muscle cars und big tits King of the Road as intended by the KR indications. The number one greatest muscle car of all time is the Shelby GT This is a high performance muscle car that was so hard core in that it took the general public a year to process its potential.

The original price tag was high the first year so Ford found a way to bring it down to a more reasonable level and the sales took off on this powerful and loud muscle car with an available supercharger. Girls and Muscle Cars. View Comments. Girls and Muscle Cars Share this:. You May Also Like. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. By proceeding, you accept the use of cookies. Ok, I agree Tell me more.

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