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  1. He knocked her teeth flying and fractured her orbital bone with his merciless punches.

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But life under the New Republic proved difficult for her. Sidelined by a new generation of political leaders, she struck out on her own to oppose the First Order as founder of the Resistance.

These setbacks in her political career were accompanied by more personal losses, which she endured with her seemingly inexhaustible will. While there were some hiccups, the Princess showed a strong sense of leadership and fearlessness, and the operation proved a success.

Princesse leia star wars nackt continued secretly working to undermine the Empire. When the Rebellion became aware of the Death Stara small band absconded to Scarif where they daringly stole schematics of the battle station. The data tapes were beamed to a rebel ship and barely passed to the Tantive IVwhere Organa received them. When asked what the transmission was, Organa simply replied: "Hope.

They sought to recover the stolen data princesse leia star wars nackt and uncover the location of the hidden Rebel base, though they knew Leia would never give up its location voluntarily. Princesse leia star wars nackt such, Vader used an interrogation droid to try and extract the information, but Leia was able to resist.

Tarkin, however, found another form of persuasion: he would threaten to destroy her home planet of Alderaan unless she divulged the whereabouts of the base. The Princess protested, but Tarkin and Princesse leia star wars nackt would not listen. Alderaan was destroyed. But the Rebels still had time -- the Dantooine base had been abandoned long ago, which Leia knew, and the Alliance really resided on Yavin 4.

Taking off his helmet, Luke introduced himself and the two quickly left. But by this time, stormtroopers had found the ragtag group, and Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia were forced to jump into a trash compactor to hide. Han and Leia immediately clashed, with the Princess having little patience for his bravado.

When the walls of the compactor princesse leia star wars nackt to close in, all seemed lost until R2-D2 was able to remotely shut them down. They escaped, but little did they know that Vader had placed a tracking device on their ship. Leia and her rescuers rendezvoused with the Alliance on Yavin 4, where she delivered the Death Star plans. As the Rebels prepped their attack on the space station, Han and Chewie collected their reward for saving the Princess and were readying to leave.

Meanwhile, having successfully tracked the Falcon to Yavin 4, the Death Star closed in. The attack began, with Luke piloting an X-wingLeia monitoring in the command center, and Han long gone. Han, Chewie, princesse leia star wars nackt Luke returned to the base where Princesse leia star wars nackt warmly greeted them, and later presented them medals for their bravery.

Leia remained a key figure in the fight for freedom, and her feelings for Han had developed -- though he could still drive her crazy. Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and C-3PO evaded the Empire by heading into an asteroid field -- a dangerous move that only the daring captain of the Millennium Falcon would attempt.

It worked, and Han docked his ship inside a cave within one of the larger rock masses. Upon arrival, Leia was skeptical of Lando -- he seemed a little too friendly. Her misgivings would prove true, as Lando handed his new guests over princesse leia star wars nackt Darth Vader and Boba Fettclaiming they arrived just before the Falcon.

Han was tortured by Vader and Leia was held prisoner, all part of a trap to lure Luke Skywalker. The Sith Lord planned to carbon-freeze Luke, but would princesse leia star wars nackt the dangerous procedure on Han. Before being lowered into the freezing chamber, Leia told Han that she loved him. He survived the process, and Vader demanded Leia and Chewbacca be taken to his ship. While en route, Lando took a risk and had his security forces disarm their stormtrooper escort, and led Leia, Chewie, and C-3PO in a last ditch attempt to save Han.

They were too late, but managed to flee in the Falcon. Luke, who came to face Vader, was severely injured and only survived by reaching out through the Force to Leia. The Princess commanded they return to rescue him; while the heroes were defeated, they survived to fight another day. Leia, disguised as bounty hunter Boushh, brought a captive Chewbacca before Jabba. He threw Han in a cell with Chewbacca, and forced Leia to wear a slave girl outfit and remain by his side.

But all was not lost. In the ensuing chaos, Leia used the chain tethering her to Jabba to choke the giant gangster. He died in a pitiful slump, and Leia and her friends left Tatooine and headed for the stars. Using a stolen Imperial shuttleLeia and friends landed on the forest moon but quickly encountered Imperial scout troopers. Luke and Leia commandeered speeder bikes and defeated the troopers in a deadly chase and battle, but were separated.

The Princess, alone, encountered a strange, furry being -- an Ewok named Wicket. He took her to his village, where she would remain until Han, Luke, Chewie, and Artoo showed up as captives Threepio was mistaken for a god by the primitive species.

After being freed, she and Luke had a private discussion away from the others where he made a startling revelation: they were actually brother and sister. Instead of shock, Leia seemed at peace.

Always brave, Leia more than held her own, princesse leia star wars nackt stormtroopers left and right. The shield was destroyed, as was the Death Star and the Emperor. Luke turned Vader back to the light side and reunited with Leia, Han, and their friends on Endor -- together again with the battle for freedom finally over. After the Battle of EndorLeia trained as a Jedi with Luke, but left the Jedi path after sensing it would result in the death of her son.

When her concerns were dismissed as paranoid warmongering, Leia formed the Resistancea secret military force that would keep watch on the restive First Order. When her concerns were dismissed as paranoid warmongering, Leia formed the Resistancea secret military force that keeps watch on the restive First Order. Kaz proved princesse leia star wars nackt to be a valuable investigator, helping Poe collect information on an abandoned Princesse leia star wars nackt Order dedlanite mine.

Unfortunately, after the attack on Hosnian Primethe Resistance forces were stretched thin and Leia was unable to send reinforcements to aid Kaz's quest to free the Colossus from First Order control despite his desperate pleas for help. Leia was nearly killed when Kylo Ren led an attack on her flagship, the Raddusdrawing herself back to safety through the Force.

She sought refuge on Crait with the surviving Resistance members — and faced a showdown with her vengeful son. Leia had been badly injured while exposed to space, but she summoned her reserves of strength to rebuild t he Resistance and mentor the new generation of leaders she knew it princesse leia star wars nackt soon need. But doing so required princesse leia star wars nackt her strength. Skip Navigation Disney.

Log In. Show More Loading Aren't You a Little Short? Leia seems less than impressed with the stature of her rescuer, Luke Skywalker. Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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