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InRaoul Wallenberg maintained a temporary office address at Blasieholmsgatan 3, in the heart of the Wallenberg family business sphere. The new information suggests that his contact with his famous relatives was closer than previously thought. At the same time, the discovery puts the statements of a number of witnesses in the Wallenberg case in a new perspective.

The surroundings were both fascinating and slightly intimidating. There the discussion promptly stalled, because Mr. So, how was he planning to earn a living? Fig 1. She also said that she met Raoul Wallenberg in connection with this special task. In light of the new findings, his statement, too, deserves further examination.

He also asked for direct access to specific Wallenberg family collections. Peter Wallenberg was not in a gracious mood, however. The next official meeting did not occur until Mayalmost certainly in connection with the founding of Mellaneuropeiska. These very same problems reared their head later on in Hungary. While Raoul Wallenberg was clearly not formally employed by the Wallenbergs, he may have been groomed by Jacob as a man for special assignments. As it turns out, some of these gaps in the record may not be accidental.

The Wallenberg family has traditionally grati porr soapy massage stockholm very close ties to aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinn Swedish intelligence community.

Ternberg was well acquainted with the Wallenbergs and worked for them in various capacities after the war. Ljungberg had begun his career in the Swedish Navy. As such, he had concerned himself with questions of national supply and rationing of goods, precisely the type of problems Sweden faced in This IServus found out, when reading the Hungarian archivals, but Berger and Birstein, catched up with this facts first today. Somebody pulled strings? As in former Soviet?

By that aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinn can perhaps solve another question. June 10, There liveda German man called Dillenberg, Teodor b. The couple was known by Philippi, living in Stockholm, for alleged antisemitic attitudes. But the show must go on, then and now with the Wallenberg research. From the eu in the address, I thought it was administra-ted by some EU-office.

But I can still make some comments, of general interest, with permission of Marie Dupuy I hope, comments worth published, even if very few seem to use this site. Arrested of Gestapo in July, 4. How come? They were dau-ghters of the man. He married Brita Maria Qvennerstedt,b. But what happened when both Carl Herslow and his son-in-law, Stig Lagerberg, was arrested of Gestapo,for helping the Polish exile aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinn resistance.

They were all released, aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinnafter negotiations, Felix Kersten perhaps ransom. From the Halland province. Perhaps colleagues within the military service I1 or the Homeguard.

The name of the head of the Abetryck, was, H. Source: Paul Levine Lantrat Tengelmann Germanythe Dutch diplomat ,Visser. Swedes: The General David Hedengren b. Otto von Bismarck: b. Minister in Rom, up to His brother Gottfried, was implicated in the July, attempt, Francke d. They had two daughters : Mary and Brita. This information because of Johan Asker was the man behind the phone.

Aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinn in the Tudor AB. Birgitta Tengbom b. Horn, b. Daughter of Ivar Tengbom b. Lorle von Kantzow f. Eleonore Flora b. Erik Ameln relative of R. Ebba Dyrssen f. Anne-Marie Francke married captain, Conrad Ekman. Schnell was of course not! Torsten Boltenstern b. Schnell, b. But how? Often rather small Swedish companies and of course German affiliations, were sanctioned by the Allies, the big business got away. This war tradepolicy from the Allies, remains still not investigated.

During ,Lilian K. Lilian had received German citizen-ship, but switched to Hungarian, with a false marriage. Ivan Ohlson then visited Laci in Buda-pest, and decided to help, Laci. Stay: Pensionat Serena Norrmalmstorg 3. Lilian then worked together with Herta Fischer, concert pianist, and her motherJewish from Vienna, bottled up in Sweden. Refugees was not welcomed in Sweden then. Only one tour, was permitted, March For each delivery of 2. If deliv-erance over 2.

All traincommunications from Hungary was controled by the Germans. He had to re-structure his company, then, to meet the buyers demands. She admitts that the business, not always was within the law, but those were the days. Much of the payments she deliver to Swiss number-acco-unts, big sums. Today as classified as the FSB-archive in Moscow? Destroying of evidence? Perhaps they feared this documents could compromise Raoul Wallen-berg? So they deleted them. Lilian K. Susi Bradfield, b. A train was ready, at the Budapest station, even relatives in the Hungarian army, from the Eastfront.

There were then places not occupied, and this was offered the Jewish council, to organize, but there were most rabbis, and not the young people, Breitfelt intended for. The train went through Czechoslovakia, to a Sassnitz ferry, and then to Sweden. This concerning the delivery of the fur coats, from the documents displayed telegram for Meropa AB, Dir. There are three 3 different versions of the Aff hillsborough writer madchen in tallinn Breitfelt-case.

How did he survive Budapest and Bergen-Belsen ? Through his own bribes to Gestapo who there? Lauerwere blocked certain nationals on the U. Skandinaviska bankens man. He even met an off-icial Hungarian delegation lead by Istvan Vasarhelyi, under-secretary of state in the Hungarian Finance,in August, 28, in Stockholm, prob. He served then, the post war Hungarian regime. I never saw her mention this company, as the Breitfelts. The surrender was to take place in Reims, with general D.

Sjukov, May 9. Stayedin France, Italy and Hungary. Later Lewenhaupt lived in U. Florida, s. All these sophisticated women seemed for Lilian K.

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