Hot off the heels of Ricky Gervais devastating roast, the Epstein scandal is back in the public eye. Most notably was former President Clinton who flew on the jet twenty six separate times. Up until now Clinton has poorly dismissed the flights away, but now actual photos have surfaced showing Clinton with a young woman on the plane. The other photo shows him posing in the doorway of the plane clinton girls xxx in mwanza Ghislaine Maxwell, who is alleged to have procured the young girls for Epstein and his friends.

The young blonde woman Clinton is with is Chauntae Davies, who clinton girls xxx in mwanza 22 years old in the photo, she was Epstein personal masseuse, and has accused him of repeatedly raping her while under his employment. It is also noted that though Kevin Spacey has been implicated recently in his own sexual allegations, no complaints or formal charges have been brought up on him or Chris Tucker regarding this trip in Brandon Jan 8, 20 No tags.

You Might Also Like. Culture Politics. When you're Joe Biden, you take any and every chance you have for cultural relevance. At a campaign stop in James Woods had wanna fuck tonight in balti living in self imposed social media exile until this week.

He voluntarily left Twitter after a Joe Walsh, who claims to be a Democrat has been mindless enough to think he stands a chance against the We knew it was coming.

Somehow, someway, the Democrats were going to find a way to blame President Trump, albeit

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