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Known for its extravagance and disdain for rational limits, Dubai never shies away from incredibly ambitious architectural projects — but when they fail, as they often do, the result is a whole lot of sandy half-excavated construction sites. But along with the rest of the United Arab Emirates, this hub of vast oil and gas fortunes is in a state of constant flux, with a rapidly changing landscape that can transform from a swath of desert to a strip of glittering skyscrapers in what seems like no time at all.

More than 3, abandoned luxury looking for hot single in jabal ali were counted in Dubai in a single year, left behind, as the story goes, when expats fled the nation to escape debts after the economy crashed.

Photographs show them covered in dust and sandsometimes haphazardly protected with tarps. Under Sharia law, non-payment of debt is a criminal offense, and foreigners have been prevented from leaving the Emirates for missing a single credit card payment or bouncing a check. Dubai itself and the surrounding areas often have large tracts of land that look like wastelands of sand and abandoned construction equipment thanks to countless projects that looking for hot single in jabal ali started and then put on hold for financial reasons.

At any given time, there are thousands of such sites in various stages of progress, and while some eventually pick back up and are completed, others stay like this for years or are eventually scrapped.

Another project, the Burj Al Alamsuffered a similar fate, with trucks finally bringing in loads of sand to refill areas that had been excavated after developers decided not to go forward with the story tower. While a few of them have already been developed, with residents beginning to looking for hot single in jabal ali in, others have sat in a state of partial completion since construction began in The financial crisis led developers to pull back from actively looking for hot single in jabal ali on the project, and bysome of the islands began sinking into the sea.

Jebel Ali Villagebuilt outside Dubai iwas a settlement of about villas for expatriates along with schuss, a club, a park, medical clinics and a desalination water plant. Bythe once-treasured community was entirely abandoned. One of the artificial islands built off the coast of Dubai was named in its honor, but that project has been put on hold, leading to even more abandonments with the Jebel Ali name.

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