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Melnytska, then 19, enrolled in a university in the eastern city of Lublin. Five years later she is still here and one of an estimated 2 million Ukrainians working and living in Poland. There are aboutUkrainians on proper contracts but many more who work in the parallel economy or are short-term, seasonal labourers. Their presence helps replace the labour shortage created by the Poles who have left for Britain, Germany and other EU countries since Poland joined the bloc. The numbers also tell a story about Ukrainewhere the economy tanked after the Maidan revolution and the war in the east.

On Sunday the country will vote in a presidential election in which the television comedian and political neophyte Volodymyr Zelenskiy is expected to score a just looking for someone real in poland victory over the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, in a sign of just how dissatisfied people are with widespread corruption and the lack of economic opportunities over just looking for someone real in poland past few years.

In towns and cities across Ukraine there are advertisements and recruitment drives to find people keen to move to Poland for higher salaries. Poland for a long time had a programme allowing short-term workers to obtain visas, but things are even more just looking for someone real in poland, with the EU granting Ukrainian citizens visa-free entry since Many Poles say the government is asking for trouble by just looking for someone real in poland so many Ukrainians to settle in Poland.

It makes you more effective in the short term but after, the problems start. Many Ukrainians do low-paid, low-skilled jobs the Polish locals do not want.

Unlike Polish workers in other EU countries, however, the Ukrainians in Poland have few legal safeguards to fall back on. In Lublin, Melnytska said she frequently suffered abuse at the hands of drunken customers while working in the kebab shop.

One time someone threw a kebab at me, and there was one guy who said he was going to wait outside and attack me on the way home. She called the police, who did nothing except laugh at her and tell her that in Poland there is freedom of speech, she said. There are no government-organised or subsidised language programmes for immigrants. She said she was frequently approached by people who had suffered racist abuse or had problems getting their salaries. An imminent easing of German labour regulations means many Polish employers fear they will lose their Ukrainian workers to higher salaries farther west.

So far, though, the Ukrainians continue to come. At Lublin bus station, most of the adverts are in Ukrainian, offering arriving workers cheap sim cards, banking and other services. There are 17 departures per day to Kyiv and many more to other cities across Ukraine. For Polish nationalists, according more rights to Ukrainians would be a second mistake after allowing them entry in the first place.

History remains the trickiest subject, especially the massacre of Polish civilians by Ukrainian nationalist forces during the second world war. A monument to the victims was erected last year in Lublin. Melnytska said she has learned to avoid talking about history with Poles, fearing it will end up in accusations and abuse. For many Ukrainians, carving out an existence in Poland, despite all the hurdles they face to integrate, is still a more appealing prospect than the one that waits at home.

Melnytska said despite the hardships during her four years in Poland, she planned to stay. She now speaks fluent Polish, has blase butt lehrers joclyn stein Polish boyfriend and next year wants to apply for citizenship. Dmitry, from a small town close to Kyiv, worked in a management position for a large multinational until he relocated to Warsaw with his family two years ago. I was just tired of the just looking for someone real in poland of life in Ukraine, with revolution, war, uncertainty.

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