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  1. Besides the promise these eternal rewards of the Hereafter, there is little that can control the desires of man, especially the desires of the youth.

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Identities are fluid, and often difficult to map on a straight line between "traditional" and "modern. These young women embody many of the emotions and experiences of Muslim women around the world. The young women in this story challenge Muslims and non-Muslims alike in how they choose to present themselves to the world. They have the added challenge of facing cultural norms of gender-based injustice found within the Muslim community. Although the issues are the same as those faced by women in other religious and ethnic communities — domestic violence, alas, is a global phenomenon and not unique to Muslims — it is the cultural justifications and normalization of these problems which are most difficult to eradicate.

Swathed in a flowing black abayah and matching shaylashe was just another young Muslim woman from a conservative Muslim community in the inner city. Perhaps the only thing that made her stand out was the niqaab she wore in addition to the abayah and hijaba sight not often seen in her neighborhood.

Sameera smiled grimly in the mirror as she pulled down her niqab and whipped off the length of chiffon away from her face, revealing a shock of rainbow-colored hair, multiple ear piercings, and a henna tribal tattoo on her neck. There was absolutely nothing conservative about her appearance now. The truth was, she loathed older women in al ayn "normal," hated being "just another Muslimah.

Luckily for older women in al ayn, she had patrol tonight. The soft, simple shayla was replaced with one of sturdier material, designed not to flutter or slip as much as the chiffon was wont to do. Wrapping it around her face, the hair, tattoo, and piercings disappeared again, although Sameera pinned this hijab in place with a dagger-shaped pin. A pair of fingerless leather gloves, adorned with a older women in al ayn of small metal spikes, and matching knee-length boots with older women in al ayn toes completed her ensemble.

Several of them came from Muslim homes, often conservative, but living in the inner city meant that every day was a survival of the fittest. And usually, the fittest carried around a pair of brass knuckles and steel-toed boots; a speedy ride was helpful, too. All cultures adapted to Islam — or was it the other way around? Either way, the Hooris were a reflection of both their faith and their neighborhood. The seven or eight girls all observed hijab; their abayas were suited for the concrete jungle they lived in — slashed at the sides for ease of movement, particularly jumping onto and climbing off their motorcycles.

Many sported fingerless gloves, mostly leather and accessorized with metal studs or spikes. Of course, each girl sported her own custom bike, choice of concealed weaponry, and personalized accessories. They were all still young, and ranged in age from their mid-teens to early 20s, but growing up in the middle of a battlefield had taken its toll.

Though their eyes sparkled and many still had puppy fat clinging to their cheeks, jaded cynicism tipped their smiles like jagged arrowheads and their shoulders were tense with the constant wariness of those who are both predator and prey. At the moment, the Hooris were milling about the masjid parking lot, a motley crew of bikes, hijabsand helmets.

This evening, they were on-duty: the masjid clinton girls xxx in curanilahue a neighborhood watch program that they took part in regularly. When the men of the Muslim community decided to form a protective force, the women refused to be left out.

Their main focus was to protect the Muslim homes located near and around the masjid, but their overall goal was to serve the cause of justice and strike fear in the heart of the scum who lurked the streets. Zainab bint Younus also known as The Salafi Feminist is a young Canadian niqaabi and a Goth, Steam Punk, zombie-loving, wannabe-biker niqaabi feminist who may or may not be a Salafi according to your definition thereof.

Her dream is to become a classically-trained orthodox Islamic scholar, older women in al ayn possibly a superhero. In the meantime, older women in al ayn is a writer dedicated to learning and sharing stories of powerful Muslim women throughout Islamic history; a proponent of grassroots da'wah and activism; and an absent-minded mother to a pretty awesome toddler mashaAllah.

Hoor al-'Ayn. Zainab bint Younus. Muslim women being seen as agents of their own fates, able and active in fighting for their own causes — not as helpless victims. She was ready to older women in al ayn. And today, they had a mission to carry out. About the Author. Voices Rising. Anna Loshkin. Irked by media representations of women as powerless victims, photojournalist Anna Loshkin traveled to Afghanistan to capture the stories of Afghan women on the ground.

Her photo series gives a sexual encounters in kon tum, atypical perspective of empowered, independent Afghan women living their daily lives, whether that means climbing rock walls or speaking in Parliament. Girl Ambassadors for Peace. Neema Namadamu. Raise the curtains! The Girl Ambassadors for Peace program has a different kind of ambassador: one that acts, as well as teaches. Learn more about the work these young women are doing in rural Congo to spread awareness about sexual violence.

Dreams For My Daughter. Joanna Vestey. No matter what women look like, how they do their hair, or how they dress their bodies, they all dream for a better tomorrow. Photographer Joanna Vestey captures older women in al ayn portraits of mothers older women in al ayn a diverse set of backgrounds who all have big dreams for their daughters.

Activism extends beyond what takes place on the streets. By turning photographs from public protests into timeless drawings, artist Maria Maria Acha-Kutscher empowers and memorializes the women at the center of these social struggles.

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