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At a rally in West Virginia on Tuesday night, Trump barely mentioned sexual encounters in kon tum legal troubles surrounding his Administration. Find some collusion.

We want to find the collusion! It was quite a comment to make about a potential witness against him—and about his own past lawyer-picking choices. It is sexual encounters in kon tum a revealing one, in terms of what Trump seems to see as his best defense: he is surrounded by liars, losers, and thieves, and liars lie.

Cohen, for example, pleaded guilty to two campaign-finance charges. One involved a payment of a hundred and thirty thousand dollars to Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, several weeks before the election. In the terms of the plea, this was defined as a campaign contribution from Cohen to the Trump campaign, one that well exceeded the geile girls vor der webcam limit for donations made by individuals.

Trump has denied that he knew about the payment beforehand. Cohen also previously denied that Trump knew, claiming, at one point, that this was just a personal dealing that he had with Clifford—a statement he now says was false.

That never made sense; the hush agreement sexual encounters in kon tum Clifford signed was written as though Trump were involved, and the President is now a party sexual encounters in kon tum litigation meant to enforce it. The Trump Organization also ultimately reimbursed Cohen. The Cohen prosecutors, pointing to invoices for the reimbursement that they say sexual encounters in kon tum falsified, portray the payments, which Cohen received after the election, as essentially a cover-up.

Then again, Trump never did sign the agreement, leaving open a tiny crack through which he might argue that Cohen was lying to Clifford about who was paying her off, and is lying to prosecutors now, and, just generally, lies. One of his first moves will be to try to depose Trump—possibly a more dangerous perjury trap than anything Robert Mueller could come up with.

Cohen, in his plea agreement, is accepting that A. And this is one of the more depressing aspects of Trump and Trumpism: his reliance, when protesting his innocence, on the assumption that everyone knows that everyone is crooked, especially everyone in politics.

In describing the meeting that his son Donald, Jr. At some point, though, that has to stop being a defense. Or maybe not. Whether a President can be indicted while in office naughty teen dating in new york an open question, but a President can certainly be impeached. For the Cohen charges to become the basis of an impeachment case, though, a lot of members sexual encounters in kon tum Congress are going to have to stand up and rail against excess campaign contributions and corporate favors that might be defined as contributions.

Will they be paralyzed by anxiety about how their own records might hold up under scrutiny? Are they willing to take the risk and draw a line? The greater danger to Trump may come from any documents Cohen may possess or whatever else he knows about—a lot, probably. But, for the moment, the President seems to care less about whether he is actually implicated in anything than whether he can disparage his accusers and, through favors or threats, influence his adjudicators.

And that means the Republicans who, at least until the midterms, control Congress. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Trang web.

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