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Look, when you call a film Lesbian Vampire Killersno-one is expecting gold-standard cinema. As long as there are some good laughs and worthwhile, semi-ironic myanna buring lesbian vampire killers to be had, most up-for-anything viewers will be happy enough.

Sadly, this inept British horror-comedy hybrid is diabolically low on both chuckles and shocks. At its very best, Lesbian Vampire Killers is nothing more than a second-rate Shaun of the Dead for idiots. The film has been primed as a starring vehicle for comics James Cordern and Mathew Horne. Deciding to forget their woes with a weekend camping trip, Fletch and Jimmy choose the one village in all of England that is home to an ancient enclave of, you guessed it, gay female bloodsuckers.

As luck would have it, our heroes arrive at their unfortunate destination on the same day as an all-female group of European students. By nightfall, myanna buring lesbian vampire killers not already a lesbian vampire is holed up inside a poky cottage while the fanged femme fatales prowl myanna buring lesbian vampire killers outside. Whatever download lesben sex in strumpfe guys might have going for themselves on British telly just stinks the joint down on the big screen.

Come back The Pink Panther 2, all is forgiven. Originally published as Lesbian Vampire Killers. Log in Sign up. Log out. September 21, pm.

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