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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 18 of Thread: Fakebooks for Band in a Box. Thread Tools Show Dick welsley band in a box Version. Fakebooks for Band in a Box I just bought band in dick welsley band in a box box and am pretty impressed with the new "real tracks.

Does anyone know if I can somehow just import chords for jazz standards? Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box Yahoo has three groups for biab. Hundreds and hundreds of tunes! I also have the real book for biab. Check it out. No use inputting all of that stuff. Plus, any midi file will load into biab. Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box. Originally Posted by epssax. Yahoo has three groups for biab. Originally Posted by cliveyx. This guys page is priceless.

Then there is a non-famous dick welsley band in a box with a lifetime of pro experience pianist, Jim Wedd, who contributes his own chord changes. Singers like his changes because they complement and never conflict with the melody. I've bookmarked the bhs page as well - lot of good stuff on there. My computer soundcard is not producing very good sounds. Or would I have to assign sounds to each song I played?

Basically I am trying to figure out if it is just plug and play. One of the allures of the Real Tracks for a newbie like me is that they are very easy to use. Thanks for any advice! MIDI depends on the synth you use. The soft synth that comes bundled with Windows or Mac computers is lame and cheesy sounding.

Good for practice and not much else. Dick welsley band in a box my styles can be played with dick welsley band in a box any synth you choose, whether it's a software synth or dick welsley band in a box hardware synth - as long as it can accept MIDI input and almost every modern synth does. I prefer hardware synths for three reasons: They don't tax the CPU of your computer, so there is less chance of a glitch if you are also recording, multitasking, or if your AV program decides to update There is virtually no latency, which means you can mix and match the best sounds from an array of synths you have collected through the years.

Different soft synths have up to a half second difference in latency, so choosing the best guitar sound from one and the best trumpet sound from another is virtually impossible to get timed together They don't go obsolete when the computer OS upgrades - I still use a couple of great voices on my TX81z and MT that I bought when Windows was 3.

Not all the sounds on those old synths were great, but some dick welsley band in a box the good ones have no comparison today. The hardware Sound Canvas line of synths are very decent sounding. So if you assign the synth in BiaB to your Sound Canvas, you will be able to play it with those sounds. Why MIDI? I can change the instrument, change styles in the middle of the song if necessary and change the instruments so they match the other style, and do a lot of things you cannot do with Real Tracks to make the parts of the song sound more like the song should and less generic than the RTs.

SGU in Band-in-a-Box song format for the famous Beatles song, "A Day In The Life" - A number of different styles were used, and the instrument assignments were changed so the same instruments play throughout the song. RT styles couldn't come even close to the song, with MIDI and some manipulation, it gets really, best oral sex position der klempner close.

Nobody did, they didn't even submit a challenger. But Leilani, who chose the styles and did the editing was called by one person, "A Band-in-a-Box Goddess". Yet MIDI remains not dick welsley band in a box viable, but valuable, because it lets you exploit today's studio in ways that digital audio still can't. Deep romantische meister schlafzimmer deko ideen. Digital audio allows for broad edits, like changing levels or moving sections around, and editing tools such as Melodyne are doing ever more fine-grained audio surgery.

But MIDI is more fine grained still: You can edit every characteristic of every performance gesture: dynamics, volume, timing, the length and pitch of every note, pitch-bend, and even which sound is being played. MIDI data can tell a piano sound what to nude gif bilder von austin wilde, or if you change your mind, a Clavinet patch.

With digital audio, changing the instrument that plays a given part requires re-recording the track. Perhaps in a few years. I hope this helps. If there is anything else I can do to help, let me know. A huge improvement on using the computer soundcard synth. I have to say, certain midi tracks sound about as good as the realtracks when run through this synth.

I tried one of your Dick Hyman jazz fake demos and it sounded excellent. For the simple arrangements I'm working with I haven't had latency, but I can see that if you tried to run a lot of instruments at the same time it might start to glitch.

Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box BiaB is quite clever in that it can adjust the latency of the display to match the latency of many soft dick welsley band in a box so you don't even notice it. The programmers are quite clever. It's a good product, and they are very nice to me even though I ride on their coat tails. If you have a Yahoo account you can add yourself to the group to get access. However, do check out the chord changes.

I notice on some tunes the reharmonizations are weird, then I just end up making updates based on the Real Book, New Real Book, Aebersold changes which are also reharmonized in a lot of instances too.

Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box Wow! Dick welsley band in a box post! I have heard of Norton styles but, got a bit turned away because they seemed like just another added expense, but now i have a better idea and I very much appreciated your explanation on the difference between RT AND MIDI files! If you have a smartphone, use iRealBook. It's available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box actually thats what i was using on my ipad its definitely a cool useful app but the quality of the samples and the same comping on all the tunes gets boring really fast! Re: Fakebooks for Band in a Box i do have a question! Originally Posted by newjazz.

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