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Chapter 2 Shingo learns the truth. He deserves to know all of this, even if he is a most terrible and annoying brat most of the time. But he is after all my little brother," Usagi answered. Will you tell them all of this Usako? He was secretly adoring Usagi, because she cared for everybody without any bad doupts or questions on her mind. And she always put everybody else before her without any regrets. I will become deaf," Shingo said angrily to his sister not first noticing, that Mamoru was with her.

So now you come to sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai room with me and Mamo-chan," Usagi said almost angrily. First one is junge brasilianische teen madchen in der dusche And then Mamoru transformed into Tuxedo Kamen. How can you both be my two of favourite superheros? This must be a cruel joke or something," Shingo whispered shockedly.

Two talking cats? This must be a some kind of stupid dream! He had turned as pale as ghost because of the shock. That's why you can't ever tell this thing to anyone outsider," Usagi whispered crying.

Can you please tell us what is it? Artemis was just sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai next to Luna not saying anything.

So what you are keeping up from everybody? But this is going to be a big shock to all of you," Usagi answered quietly.

She took Mamorus hand to her own. He caught her at downstairs. Please, tell me why? You know that I can't stand the thought that you are hurt and crying," Mamoru asked taking Usagi to his strong arms.

But at same I'm glad, that they know this now," Usagi answered still crying at Mamoru's strong arms. Everything will be all right! You will see it. Just remember that I'm with you forever, no matter what! I love you so much! I love you too! Let's go back to your room," Mamoru said taking Usagi back to the her bedroom. Don't worry about sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai Luna.

If you want to help me, could you please transform to your human form and go to buy me some prenatal vitamins? Doctor said that I might need those for now because of my pregnancy," Usagi answered quietly. But do you guys want to be alone until Luna comes back to here? Usagi didn't say anything, she just watched out of her window, while Artemis went out from the house and wait Luna coming back with Usagi's prenatal vitamins.

Just thinking about sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai my parents will take this news. And other senshis," Usagi answered turning her gaze to her handsome boyfriend. Mamoru just couldn't say "no" to that look.

Half an hour later Luna came back with Usagi's prenatal vitamins. Usagi was still asleep, so Luna left the bottle to her night table and transformed back to her usual cat form.

On the evening Usagi told to her brother everything he needed to know. Of course Mamoru was with her to support her. Shingo was amazed and shocked about his sisters secret life. He quessed right the fact that Usagi's friends were the Sailor Scouts. But when Shingo learned that Usagi had died at least three times or more, was the most shocking part of all the story.

He almost fainted when heard that. But he relieved a little bit when Mamoru said that he would protect Usagi, no matter what. And then I'm gonna be next one who will get kicked out from this house," Shingo moaned frustratedly. I don't want to put you in any danger," Usagi answered hugging her brother back. Mamoru was happy to see that everything was allright between two siblings. Then she and Tuxedo Kamen left the house and ran to the park to help their friends.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. An year after their last battle with Galaxia, Usagi gets pregnant, 3 girls of inners dumbs her and her father kicks her out of his house. Full summary inside! Chapter 2 Shingo learns the truth "Usako, are you sure that you want to tell our secrets to your little brother? You failed from another test? In the Usagi's room: "So what you wanted to tell me? Usagi gulped nervously not saying a word. I'm pregnant," Usagi yelled crying and then she ran out of her bedroom.

Are you allright? I'll be in the my room," Shingo answered stepping out from Usagi's room. You are the best," Shingo smiled to his sister. Mamoru just kissed lightly Usagi's sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai and told her to take a little nap. Then Usagis communicator beeped. Come here quickly! I'm on my way! You can count on me onee-chan," Shingo smiled winking his right eye to Usagi. Then their parents called to them. End of chapter 2.

To be contiuned Sailor moon usagi und mamoru hentai My God! Shingo learns the truth 3. Fights and some more 4. Kenji and Ikuko learn the truth 5. A plan for Usagis safety 6. A parent talk 7. A Destiny of the Traitors 9. Author's note Luna and Artemis Authors note The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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