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Synopsis: Family: a necessary burden. Amaryllis Campos is young and beautiful, a classically trained dancer delivering pizzas in Puerto Rico, living with her parents and her drug-selling chump of a boyfriend, her dream deferred. When family tragedy and betrayal hit in the same week, she goes to New York with help from an unlikely friend. There, she lucks into an apartment and befriends an elderly neighbor. She looks for work, taking a job at a strip club.

By day, she answers casting calls; at night, she's a hit at the Club Labrador. When the possibility of romance appears unexpectedly, Amaryllis must choose between its promise and the faint shadow of her dream. By coincidence, I got an offer to check out her recent starring effort Yellow. Did the movie sound interesting? When her father Jaime Tirelli strip roselyn sanchez in yellow suicide, she decides she needs to do something different so she heads to New York.

The movie follows their relationship as well as her attempts to become a legit dancer. First things first: yes, Sanchez, shows some skin in Yellow. The most revealing scene comes early when she has sex with her boyfriend in Puerto Rico, but her strip scenes also bare some flesh. Does Yellow boast any pleasures beyond the sight of an unclad Sanchez? No, not really.

Most of the time it feels like a vanity project for Sanchez. In addition to this side of things, much of the story acts as a paean to the majesty that is Amaryllis. We strip roselyn sanchez in yellow lots and lots about how amazing she is, and the film likes to dwell on never-ending shots of her as she does very little.

Indeed, it feels like half the movie just shows images of Amaryllis as she dances or simply wanders around town. Amaryllis herself comes across as a cipher. She shows naked ipod touch game web site personality and never does much to make herself memorable beyond her beauty. Really, Yellow impresses me as a Latin remake of Showgirls.

We get the ambitious girl who has to strip to make ends meet but who eventually rises to the top. No more depth emerges than that, as the film keeps things skin-deep, both literally and figuratively. I got to see a fairly naked Roselyn Sanchez and that was my primary goal. The movie built around her beauty does nothing to strip roselyn sanchez in yellow me. The movie featured a very good transfer with only a few minor weaknesses.

Sharpness became the weakest link, though not in a problematic way. While the occasional wide shot looked a bit ill-defined, most of the movie seemed crisp and accurate. No issues with jagged edges or shimmering occurred, and I noticed no edge enhancement. Source flaws also remained absent, as Strip roselyn sanchez in yellow detected no marks through the flick. Colors offered a high point, especially in the Puerto Rican scenes.

Those provided bright, dynamic hues. The tones became a bit more subdued in New York, but the movie continued to present vivid colors. Blacks were deep and dense, while shadows tended to be clear and smooth. This was strip roselyn sanchez in yellow consistently satisfying presentation.

As for the Dolby Digital 5. Music dominated the soundfield. The score and various songs provided good stereo imaging, and those elements also spread to the rear in a compelling manner. The rest of the mix was less involving. Outside of the music, this was a fairly limited soundscape. Audio quality was fine. Again, the music presented the best parts of the mix. Those elements were pretty lively and concise.

Speech seemed reasonably natural and clear, while effects were fine. They never quite stood out from the crowd, but they gave us good definition. This was an acceptable soundtrack without notable issues. In terms of extras, we begin with a featurette called Roselyn Sanchez on Yellow.

During this minute and second piece, the actor discusses her goals for the film, her own background as an actor and a dancer, her training for Yellowsome aspects of the story and characters, shooting in Puerto Rico, and working with the others involved.

Though Sanchez strip roselyn sanchez in yellow a few decent insights about her career and the flick, most of the time this feels like a fluffy piece intended to promote the movie. Some of these actually might have made the movie more interesting.

We find more background about a few of the supporting characters like Franco and Miles, so a few of the clips actually help flesh out many of the underdeveloped subplots. Would they have made Yellow a good movie? Probably not, but they might have allowed it to become strip roselyn sanchez in yellow three-dimensional than it is. A few ads open the disc. No trailer for Yellow pops up on the disc.

It acts as a version of Cinderella by way of Showgirls and never forms into anything frauen mit gro?en haarigen snatch. The DVD presents very good picture with acceptable audio and extras.

Viewer Film Ratings: 4. Presentation: Widescreen 2. Yellow Yellow appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 2. View Averages for all rated titles.

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