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  1. Chiles had initially been approached to star in the previous Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me , but she declined the role as she was taking a break from acting at the time.

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But when I think of James Bond I lois chiles bond girl nackt think of three things. I think of the James Bond theme song. I think of James Bond cars. And last but certainly not least, I think of Bond girls. Here we take a look lois chiles bond girl nackt 30 of the most iconic Bond girls and what lois chiles bond girl nackt look like today.

So, which one is your favorite? Going back all the way to the beginning of the James Bond films, we have the first Bond girl on our list, Eunice Gayson. Eunice was originally going to play a recurring role in the series, but that idea was scrapped. Still, she was the first Bond girl ever. After her Bond days, she made a few other appearances in films and televisions, but she is still best known for her work as Sylvia Trench.

Daniela began her career as a model and was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe contest. In that film she played Jill Masterson. While she was a Bond girl, she was only featured briefly in the film. But her iconic scene where she was painted with gold was used as the cover for the November issue of Life magazine.

Pussy Galore is one of the most iconic figures in the Bond films, and is certainly one to be remembered. After her appearance in James Bond, she would go on to make appearances in many other films and television shows.

She made a few appearances in some French films prior, and even competed as a model in the Miss World contest among other things. Akiko Wakabayashi was a relatively unknown actress from Japan.

However she proved to be a good actress, and was then recast lois chiles bond girl nackt the Bond girl known as Aki. She was also the first Bond girl that was not from Europe. However despite the success with James Bond, she retired from acting after that film.

Diana Rigg is an English actress that has made numerous appearances in television, film, and in the theater. She entered the world of acting inand had a reasonably succesfull career prior to James Bond.

After that, Diana continued to have a successful acting career. Lana Wood, younger sister of Natalie Wood, is an American actress and film producer. She is known for her work in a variety of different television shows and films, but is best known as a Bond girl. Following her work as a Bond girl, she went on to make numerous appearances in both television and film. She has enjoyed an extensive career as an actor, but her role as a Bond girl is still what she is remembered by.

Jane Seymour is a prominent British-American actress that has performed in a variety of movies and television shows. She not only has a Emmy, but has two Golden Globe awards as well.

There she played a small role as Lois chiles bond girl nackt Anders, which gave her a considerable amount of recognition throughout the world as an actress. She grew up in the area, and would eventually leave school at the age of 16 to pursue a milf hohe fersen strumpfe verbreiten career.

Baan thai spa stockholm bangkok up on our list we have Lois Chiles.

From Texas, Lois would attend college where she was then scouted as a potential model. Holly Goodhead alongside Roger Moore. There she appeared alongside Lois Chiles and Roger Moore, where she portrayed the role of Corinne Clery, the assistant of the central antagonist of the plot.

Lynn-Holly Johnson who never really aspired to be an actress, at least early on in her life. She actually pursued figure skating, and would eventually become a professional ice skater. She even would win a silver medal at the U. Figure Skating Championship. After that, she would leave figure skating to pursue acting. She made only a few other appearances after than Bond film, and is still best known for her work as a figure skater and as a Bond girl.

Carole Bouquet is a French bakhtawar bhutto zardari sexy boobs who has starred in numerous films. She made her debut as an actress inand has since appeared in over 40 films. Outside of acting, Carole also worked as a model. Maud Adams appears a second time on our list, as she actually played two different Bond girls. There she played the role of Octopussy, who is arguably one of the most recognizable female characters in the entire James Bond franchise.

Grace Jones is an extremely successful woman who has accomplished so much during her lifetime. She was born in Jamaica, before moving to the United States when she was She then became interested in fashion and modeling, and would go on to work as a model for many brands, including Yves St. After appearing lois chiles bond girl nackt the covers of Elle and Vogue, she would then transition into becoming a singer. She released a few successful songs and albums, and would then go into the world of acting.

She broke out as an actress alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyerbefore becoming a Bond girl. After that she continued as an actress and a musician, still performing to this day. Tanya Robers is a well known American actress lois chiles bond girl nackt has portrayed a variety of different roles in both television and film.

There she appeared alongside Grace Jones and Roger Moore. She studied drama at the Drama Center London, and would lois chiles bond girl nackt go on to become a model. After that she made a few other lois chiles bond girl nackt in lesser known films, and is still remembered for her work as a Bond girl.

Born in New York, Carey Lowell would spend most of her childhood traveling the world with her parents. Eventually they settled down, and Carey would go on to attend university at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied literature. After that, she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a model.

Dutch actress Famke Janssen has had a lois chiles bond girl nackt career as both an actress and a model. Izabella Scorupco is a Polish-Swedish actress, singer, and model who has accomplished much in her career. She has made a few lois chiles bond girl nackt appearances as an actress since, but is still best known for her role in James Bond.

Teri Hatcher is a Golden Globe Award winning actress who has made a variety lois chiles bond girl nackt appearances in both film and television. During that decade, she acted in a variety of Hong Kong and martial arts action films that were massive over in that part of the world. It was through her action films that she gained attention in the West. Her role as the character is often considered to be one of the best performances from any Bond girl. Next up on our list is Serena Scott Thomas.

Following her role in the film, she appeared in a few other films before finally landing the role of Dr. Sophie entered the world of acting as a teenager, and quickly rose to success. She started in a few independent European films when she was younger, which eventually lead to much larger roles.

While she has appeared in more popular films over the years, she still prefers to act in French films. After her days with Bond, Denise went on to become a Playboy model, which did not negatively impact her career, as she has made many other appearances in both television and film. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search Search for: Search. From Philadelphia, Sebastian is a fan of music, writing, art, and entertainment.

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