The only real sexual "first" anyone ever bothers to talk about is the first time they had sex. But, even after you've had sex for the first time, there are still plenty of sexual firsts to be had. There's the fist time you try each new position, the first time you orgasm, the first time you do it with each new partner and, of course, the first one-night stand.

For some people the first one night-stand overlaps with the first time, in general, but for a lot of people it doesn't. No matter what the case, Reddit's AskWomen thread asked its ladies to share the stories of their first one night standsand wow, they got honest. If there's one thing to be learned from this thread it's that one night stands are not necessarily for everyone. If an emotional connection is something you yearn for during sex then they might not be for you.

Do your girl one night stand experience taby. By Candice Jalili. Read along and prepare for a rollercoaster of girl one night stand experience taby. She thought it was more; he didn't. Too satisfying. Thought, fuck it, Im gonna go party and live it up. First night out being single. Aaaand accidently met the most amazing person In the world.

In the line for my first club. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I was safe with him and we had amazing chemistry. He was a little older and girl one night stand experience taby exactly what to do and when.

He literally told me his 'thing' was getting a girl off and going down on them. We ended up seeing eachother a few times a week as fwb for a few months before he went back to his home country.

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