Seeking an intelligent friend in silkeborg has nothing to do with hooking up or any other kind of sex. It has to do with becoming the closest of friends with a complete stranger for one afternoon, then never seeing him or her again.

One year, about 30 years ago, I was visiting friends in Montreal. It was a five-hour ride. He had just been visiting friends in New York and it was kostenlos beverly d angelo nude to go back to studying. He explained that he was on a scholarship from India and the deal was, he would study, become a doctor, then go back to India and do three years of work there to compensate the government.

I was surprised. There is very little I could do there that would busty madchen fickt chef fur gehaltserhohung anything.

But I could do some great work here in Canada. Research work that might save many people and not just for three years. Maybe for a hundred years. In each valley, the villages had their own language. Then along came the English and suddenly, we could communicate. For that, we are grateful. It may not be seeking an intelligent friend in silkeborg best language, but it the one everyone speaks. After that — getting a look at India I had never seen before — I passed along all of my current issues madchen verbreiten offnen schwarze muschi trying to get a Jewish divorce in Israel while living in New York, a process so complicated that even 32 years later, I get a headache thinking about it.

And children. As well as the big ocean between us. The two of us never even exchanged names. When we parted at the bus station in Montreal, we had no thought of ever meeting again. We were best friends for one afternoon on a long bus ride between cities. And three decades later, I still remember it.

Tags: bus travelEnglishfriendshipIndiaMarilyn Armstrongtravel. Those were the days when you actually spoke to someone sitting next to you. I like your memory better. Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. What a beautiful tale. The latest was with a woman who boarded the same bus in Zurich and then we went to change for the same tramway. We re-made the world of faith, religion, God and Humans, all in less than one hour.

My most memorable friendship was when a gentleman and I both had reserved the same 1st class seat in a practically empty TGV high speed train from Paris to Zurich.

And so it started…. He told me much about his life, his talks he was giving, and whatnot. For a philosopher he was very happy to communicate.

We DID stay in contact this time, and corresponded a couple of times across a few years. I sometimes take a day-long seeking an intelligent friend in silkeborg ride into Texas Hill Country to visit my daughter.

I am hopeful that he made it, became a doctor, and wherever he decided to live, was able to make the difference he so hoped for. Sometimes someone can become a friend seeking an intelligent friend in silkeborg a seeking an intelligent friend in silkeborg and leave an impact.

Sometimes these one-afternoon relationships have more impact than you expect. I remember that conversation so clearly, even though it was more than 30 years ago. Lovely story, Marilyn.

I remember one trip when I had a very nice young man sitting next to me, and by the time we reached Buffalo, we were practically in love. When we stood up to leave the bus, I barely came up to his belly button. We both laughed and went on our ways. It was for me a wonderful conversation. He was much younger than me and it was just a great conversation between two people stuck on a Greyhound together. And yet I still remember it.

Like Liked by 2 people. You could have such an afternoon…on a long distance bus ride…. These days, I suspect, they would be involved with their tweets, i-phones and the like. Too bad. What a wonderful memory! And what a great friendship, forged without expectations and brief though it was, lasting too.

We actually had fun. I suppose it was most memorable because I learned things I could never learn from a book. It was almost like visiting India. The birds are flocking around having a high old time. They need so little — just seed and a place to perch. Marilyn, imagine those little birds, all sentinels of God, who report your kindness to the One, chirp.

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