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Itsuki "Ikki" Minami is the main protagonist of the manga and anime Air Gear. Prior to the beginning of the series, he was established as the leader of his school's gang, the East Side Gunz. Ikki has shown an extreme amount of talent with the Air Treck, to the point of being a genius at it. It has been established that he, from a young age, always wanted to "fly" this fact being most notable when he climbed on his town's tallest monuments in a childish attempt to see everything.

As said by Noyamano Rikapeople believe that Ikki is "loved by the wind. Eventually, he gave the emblem back to Ringo and went on to create Kogarasumaru.

He has been maskierte hentai aus air gear as a crowdue to the baby crow that makes a nest of his hair, as a storm, as armoured multi-winged beast this is noted to be his shadow when was the Wind Kingand as a massive knight in black armor riding an equally gargantuan, armoured multi-winged beast which maskierte hentai aus air gear his current shadowas the Storm King.

Later, he is the current Sky King after defeating Sora Takeuchi. Itsuki was 15 years old at the start of the series and is still 15, as seven months have passed. His nickname "East Side's Greatest Babyface" isn't a reference to his looks as much as it is his role in the Eastside Guns. He's cm 5' 5" tall and maskierte hentai aus air gear 52 kg He has brownish red eyes and purple hair, which also serves as a nest for maskierte hentai aus air gear crow.

His blood type is AB. Ikki is a very upbeat, zany person, who seemingly is as eccentric as just about everyone else in the universe of Air Gear. He delights in eating meat, a privilege he is often deprived of maskierte hentai aus air gear the Noyamano household. He is rash, impulsive, and determined to do everything his way, whether for good or bad, in stark contrast to his friend Kazu who is calm, timid and more focused and prefers to stay in the background.

In battle, Ikki either comes off as his ordinary crazy and unpredictable personality, or his more serious, cold and steely side, which other characters have described as a rare occurrence, and as an intimidating scene. Ikki is totally hooked onto Air Trekking. He treats his ATs with care to such a standard that even his sisters feel jealous of, and his mind is constantly on Air Trekking; for example, during the nackte indische madchen kleidung entfernen trip he fails to notice Maskierte hentai aus air gear affection initially, deadset on figuring out a 'Windmill Theory' that another Storm Rider has revealed to him as the secret behind the Rumble King.

Ikki is a self-proclaimed genius and is very proud of himself, in particular his fighting abilities. In truth, he works very hard behind the others' backs, as is revealed when Kuu brings his friends to maskierte hentai aus air gear secret training area, where the scars left over by his training could be seen in chapter Though his attitude can be described as a lowlife, suitable for his gangster-like persona, and though he likes to go around doing insanely foolish things all the time, Ikki has a tendency to think beyond others' perceivable concept and at several intervals can spout deep philosophy that more often than not will impact others.

One such incident was the Pomtemkin brothers' battle, where Ikki's plan caused an initial falling out among the Kogarasumaru, where in fact he had his own maskierte hentai aus air gear around that matter. Ikki, though easy to miss the obvious, can be very adept when it comes to spotting small details.

In their first Parts War, he alone had noticed that Kazu's ATs were the most worn out among them, a mark of how much he practiced. All three have feelings for him, although recently Ikki has shown signs of love towards Ringo. As maskierte hentai aus air gear by Sora, Ikki is a detailed oriented guy. Stating that Ikki is very calculating and could easily calculate a counter strike move after figuring out the enemy plans.

According to Sora, Ikki had already calculated how to dodge his and Rikia's super move e. God Crusher Gungnir. And after saving Ringo together they quickly countered a larger and more powerful God Crusher Gungnir even though their bodies were freezing due to the extremely cold atmosphere.

Ikki is also known to have an unbreakable will. Even when the situation seems hopeless and pointless he never gives in or gives up. Like when he went to save Ringo despite being told to give up because she would die and he would die in attempting to save her and succeeded in doing so, and quickly reflected an enemy attack together with Ringo in extreme cold.

Ikki states if you run you will hit a wall and if you fly you will get shot down. But even so if you give up it's the end and it's because of the height of the wall that he was able to grow strong enough to compete with Sora.

And when Ringo says he must have driven crazy falling down again and again on the ground he states because of that he is at his strongest now when is standing up. And proudly states that there is no impossible in his or Ringo's dictionary. It has been said by Agito that Ikki can break any cage, made by anyone at anytime. Rika has once noted that Ikki is unpredictable and she can never really understand the logic behind his actions, however he is not like Sora who has logic behind his actions.

She remarks that it's like he is building something new every second and with every second that piles up he is reborn anew. Sora speculated that before Ikki's eyes there exists infinite number of possibilities for the future. When Ikki was little, he was taken in by the Noyamano family, and looked after. Rika states he was a handful. That's why he always swung his fists, so he could shine brighter than anyone else.

At the top while being rescued by helicopter, Ikki actually bit the arm of the soldier trying to rescue him. As Ikki fell he was rescued by a giant bird, which resembled a crow. Ever since that incident, everyone said he was a "child of the wind. Ikki is at home, apparently after being beaten up by someone using AT's later revealed to be the Skull Saders team leader.

Eventually one night, he snuck in a maskierte hentai aus air gear of the house that had "keep out" stickers all over it. He discovers that the maskierte hentai aus air gear thai massage kopenhamn sexiga underklader xxl lives with are in fact Maskierte hentai aus air gear users themselves, seeing their emblem Sleeping Forest along the way.

He takes a pair of AT's for himself and takes them for a test drive, eventually leading to a fight with the Skull Saders. With help from the Noyamano sisters, sans Rika, he defeats the Saders and his venture into the world of AT starts from there.

Ikki is introduced in roughly the same way, except this time, instead of finding the AT's, they are given to him. Right after being beat up by the Skull Saders, the Noyamano sisters surprise him women seeking men in manchester outside his window; they take him for a ride and let him experience how it's like to "fly" with AT's. Not much is known about Ikki's past other than he was given to Rika as an infant by the mysterious Dr.

From the time Ikki was a child, he was loved by the wind as noted by Rika. Ikki was then given his first taste of "flight". As a child, Ikki was also known for being a stuck up bratty kid and was also a bully as seen in a flashback where he bullies Kazu for kicks. Ikki would eventually become involved in the East Side Gunz gang along with his two best friends Kazu and Onigiri.

The story begins with Ikki in the middle of a annual territory fight with the West Side Maskierte hentai aus air gear as he pulls an "extreme killer back drop" move on his opponent.

His peers are then in awe and compliment Ikki on how cool he is. Ikki then warns everyone from westside not to loiter around the East Side Gunz new acquired territory. Ringo then appears to pick up Ikki and bring him home.

While on the way home, Ikki's crow friend Kuu playfully pecks Ringos cheek as Ikki notices an advertisment for Air Trecks. He's then assulted by Mikan for being late with the salt he was supposed to go get. Rika then gives Ikki further punishment for picking up the wrong ingredient by being given little food to eat for "meat night" Ringo pitys him maskierte hentai aus air gear gives him some of her food and in that instant, Ikki goes wild and dives headfirst into the table where the Noyamano mary louise parker nude unkraut are eating.

Unforetuanately for him, he accidentaly gropes Ringos chest and is punished even further for his misdeed by being put on a burner. To get even, Ikki walks in on the sisters taking a bath on purpose and then flees from the household to avoid retaliation.

Ringo then finds Ikki watching a mysterious pink haired girl with Air Trecks he calls "Tsubame" pull off a neat trick. As Ringo learns, Ikki finds both the girl and the sensation of flight A-T's grant appealing. Ringo then recommends that he tries out a pair of A-T's so he skate alongside the pink haired skater.

Later, Ikki heads over to the Eastside Gunz headquarters after getting a call from Kazu only to be betrayed by his friend out of fear. He then comes face to face with the leader of the Skull Saders, Magaki, and is easily overpowered by said leader. The Westside members then torture Ikki in retaliation for the Eastside Gunz victory earlier that day. Returning to the Noyamano household a broken mess, Ikki shuts himself in his room and sobs the rest of the evening.

Mikan is annoyed with his crying, but Ringo is angry and won't let the Skull Saders get away with abusing Air Trecks. He then wakes up to see an A-T duffel bag sitting on his bed. Wondering if the events in his "dream" maskierte hentai aus air gear transpired or not, Ikki calls out to Ringo and Mikan only to find no one's there except him and that it's almost noon. Racing to school, Ikki finds a dead crow in his locker and that his desk has been vandilized with deragotory messages relating maskierte hentai aus air gear his beatdown yesterday.

Demanding answers, Ikki storms campus and eventually bumps into his friends Kazu and Onigiri who are being forced to sell Skull Sader stickers against thier will. The latter spots Ikki's pisse in meine anal gape bag and the two berate him for having A-T's in his possession while also informing Ikki that the Skull Saders are targeting all members of the ESG. Kazu then chunks the duffel bag out the window and accidently sets Ikki off.

After giving a throughout beating to his maskierte hentai aus air gear former friends, Ikki then erwachsenen karzinom zelle in ral plattenepithelkarzinome junge away stating that he didn't really need those A-T's. Meanwhile the Skull Saders are harassing some girls when Ringo casually strolls by maskierte hentai aus air gear slaps a Sleeping Forest sticker over the Skull Saders one and states that they'll meet thier end in the forest.

Ikki returns home to find that the house is still empty. While in the middle of a rage induced fit over whats happened, he finds a note written to him by the Noyamano sisters that was included with the A-T duffel bag. Heading out to find it, Ikki is having no luck when Kazu and Onigiri show up with said duffel bag.

After apologizing and giving Ikki encouraging words, he heads out to try on his A-T's. Not having any prior experience with A-T's, Ikki fumbles around a maskierte hentai aus air gear before finding himself "flying" over the town. Having his confidence fully return to him, Ikki is now eager for a rematch maskierte hentai aus air gear the Skull Saders.

That evening, Ringo and Mikan assualt the Skull Saders base of operations while Ikki whos still getting the hang of A-T's falls directly on top of Magaki.

After words are exchanged, Ikki is challenged to his black angelika und angelica heart lesbischer A-T match. The goal is simple. Collect both the skull Saders emblem and Sleeping Forests emblem which are waiting at the top of a wall.

Magaki thinks hes got this in the bag since Ikki can't ride on walls yet. However, at the start of the race, Ikki takes off one of his A-T's and sends it flying skyward at Makagi which causes him to fall off the wall it also knocks the emblems off the wall to boot Ikki then uses a unique A-T attack he calls "Wheel Spin Drop" on the Skull Saders leader and wins his debut A-T match. Kazu and Onigiri later head to the Skull Saders headquarters only to find countless unconcious bodies laying all over the place.

Ikki then wakes up the next morning gleeful over his victory.

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