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This is a video game version of Jasminea character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. Jasmine can be found with Mindy and Alexis Rhodesand teams up with the former for the Tag Force tournament. By beating Jasmine 10 times, she gives the player a " Harpie's Feather Duster " card. Jasmine is available as an opponent from the beginning of the game, but the player can only partner with her after finishing two stories.

She's yu gi oh gx jasmin go-to girl for information about the Academy mainly gossipand keeps Alexis updated on the latest happenings around campus. Alexis herself doesn't seem to have much interest in this "information" though.

Although Jasmine used to follow Alexis everywhere, she has been a bit distant from her since Alexis became Jaden's duel partner. Perhaps influenced by her good friend Mindy, she is always chasing after handsome guys. A faddist, she keeps tabs on anything happening around the Academy gossip in particular and frequently relays all she learns to Asuka.

Yu gi oh gx jasmin Asuka herself does not really yu gi oh gx jasmin about most of what she learns She used to be around Asuka Tenjoin all the time, but they seem to have become somewhat distant ever since Asuka began to hang out with Judai.

She seems to be more influenced by her good friend Momoe now, and they spend most of their time chasing after handsome guys. One of Asuka Tenjoin's followers, she is always doing something with her best friend Momoe Hamaguchi. She used to be very harsh towards Osiris Red students, but her attitude changed gradually yu gi oh gx jasmin she began interacting with Judai Yuki.

She also participated in the school festival's Cosplay Duels that took place in the Yu gi oh gx jasmin dormitory with Asuka and Momoe. A faddist with a weakness for handsome guys, she spends most of her day chasing after them with her good friend Momoe. If you have any issues or find any bugs, be sure to let us know on Discord! Jump to: navigationsearch. Suche fur ein boses madchen in ittoqqortoormiit Junko Makurada pages.

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