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Employers in New York are required not only to adopt and distribute written sexual harassment prevention policies, but also to provide training to all employees on an annual basis. For many businesses with employees who work in New York, sexual harassment prevention training must be scheduled and completed during the third or fourth quarter of If so, consider whether your policies and training materials emphasize anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies when utilizing video platforms or other tools for remote interactions.

Although difference practices may be appropriate for different segments of a company, it is important that all users understand that the guidelines that apply to in sexual harrassment anzug in nyc interactions are equally applicable to virtual meetings, and appreciate obvious and subtle ways in which a less than thoughtful use of technology can erode, rather than solidify, a healthy workplace culture.

While it may be self-evident to some, the U. Accordingly, employers should consider utilizing annual training, or other programs, to remind employees of permissible and impermissible use of these tools.

Still, recent events across the country have placed a spotlight on issues regarding racial equality and, in particular, concerning the treatment of African-Americans that merit attention in harassment prevention programs.

As more employees return to physical workplaces, individuals who are over 65, pregnant employees, sexual harrassment anzug in nyc employees who are caregivers may face particular challenges. Most employees may face increased anxiety and concern about a number of professional and personal matters. The reality of working remotely, or in a workplace with a constant emphasis on social distancing, might mean that employees believe that the opportunities for lodging concerns with supervisors, managers, or human resource personnel have been adversely impacted.

Employees also may be concerned sexual harrassment anzug in nyc the likelihood of a prompt and effective investigation has diminished or been eliminated altogether. The COVID pandemic has forced many businesses to separate some members of the workforce, and to make adjustments that have impacted individuals who remain employed. It is especially imperative that leadership communicates sexual harrassment anzug in nyc it is as committed to ensuring a workplace that is free from unlawful sexual or other harassment as it is to implementing other measures to protect the health and safety of employees, customers and other third parties.

Incorporating a video, email, or other message from leadership into the training curriculum can go a long way towards emphasizing the importance of the harassment prevention training material, particularly if leadership reinforces workplace culture expectations with a regular cycle of communications addressing other important topics affecting members of the workforce.

To learn more about implementing an effective harassment prevention training program, check out Preventing Harassment Training Workshop.

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