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All three of the seasons of the show were aired on Spike TV. The series follows the players on the football team of the fictional university, Blue Mountain State, and blue mountain state sex szene rather awkward team "The Goats" as they explore the freedoms of college life, including football, scoring with women, drinking bingeswild partying, and hazing. Blue mountain state sex szene series was created by Chris Romanowho also stars in the series, and Eric Falconer.

As of November 30,a total of 39 episodes have been shown. The series was renewed for a second season in February Blue Mountain State was renewed for blue mountain state sex szene third season and it premiered on September 21, with back-to-back episodes. In February it was renewed for a second season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

Multichannel News. Archived from the original on July 26, Retrieved 1 March Retrieved August 15, February 25, Archived from the original on March 28, Archived from the original on April 6, TV By The Numbers. Retrieved October 22, Spike TV. Retrieved December 16, Retrieved January 5, Retrieved Retrieved September 18, Retrieved September 22, TV Guide. Retrieved October 5, Categories : Lists of American sitcom episodes. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Deutsch Edit links. Three incoming freshmen on the Blue Mountain State University football team try blue mountain state sex szene adapt to a new world of college life full of football, girls, and hazing. All of the freshmen must engage in questionable hazing rituals.

Sammy feels left out so he tries to become the mascot. While Alex and Craig deal with Thad's hazing rituals, Sammy opts for a darker approach: blackmailing the current BMS mascot so that he can steal the job from him without having to earn it. Sammy becomes successful in his blackmail and becomes the new mascot.

With Denise leaving town for the weekend, Craig is forced to wear a "promise ring" to remind him to be faithful towards her When Craig loses the ring during a night of partying at a strip club however, Alex must help him find it before Denise returns.

Meanwhile Alex tries to have sex with Thad's half-sister from Bosnia, which turns out a little different than Alex had in mind. The team is punished for playing badly, and a curfew is put in place shortly before their most important game of the season. To cope with the curfew hampering their social lives, the players steal Thad's personal sex toy for their own usage.

The players are immediately hooked on Thad's sex toy and schedule a time table for when each player can use it. The sex toy ends up going missing due to Craig which enrages Thad. Thad explains that the sex toy is so important to him because it belonged to his dead father. Thad vows revenge upon Alex unless he can find it. The Goats are about to face Overland University, their most storied rivals and not to mention, their first televised game of the season.

However, their starting quarterback, Blue mountain state sex szene McKenna, is suspended by the dean for soliciting a prostitute. Despite the pleas of Coach Daniels, the Dean sticks by his decision to suspend McKenna, leaving Alex as the team's starting quarterback. Unable to handle the pressure of blue mountain state sex szene, Alex searches for a way to get the McKenna reinstated.

He visits the transvestite prostitute in hopes she will drop the charges; however, she refuses — Unless Craig allows her to perform fellatio on him. The Goat's abduction makes headlines but Sammy's disappearance blue mountain state sex szene yet to be noticed.

When Sammy accidentally kills the Billy the goat, he brings it to the field on game-day where the heated blame is immediately pinned on Overland U, which Sammy is glad to play along with.

Inspired by the murdered mascot, Alex realizes he's been selfishly looking for solutions that only benefit him and not his team. The Dean refuses to stand by and watch his team lose after the opposition's ruthless mutilation of Billy the Goat and reverses his decision at game time, allowing Travis McKenna to start instead of Alex.

However, unaware of the Dean's reversal, Craig tries to take the solution into his own hands, and allows the prostitute her wish. Alex purposely starts to suck at football and is excited to get demoted to 3rd string quarterback. Being in 3rd string means you practice with special teams.

At the goat house, Alex is forced to party in a secluded room with 3rd stringers, special teams and not so attractive girls. Alex realizes he made a terrible mistake and competes in a quarterback competition to gain his second string spot back. Meanwhile, Craig suspects Denise is cheating on him and Sammy convinces the cheerleaders get revenge on the football team.

Blue mountain state sex szene losses inspire Thad to hold a special lock-in at the Goat House as blue mountain state sex szene of a drug-fueled team building exercise. Each player on the team picks a random drug out blue mountain state sex szene a helmet to then take, except for Craig who is given one picked out by Thad.

But the night takes a bizarre turn when Alex reveals that the drug taking is all a ruse. The plan was really to drug Craig because he is the only teammate who has not slept with the teams booster, better known as "The Cougar".

Thad gets the team's female booster, known as "The Cougar" to have sex with Craig while he is drugged in order to break the losing streak.

John Fortenberry. Brian Burns. Alex accidentally breaks a year-old truce between the BMS football and lacrosse teams, when he is seduced by the neglected girlfriend of the lacrosse team's captain. A cruel prank war breaks out, which could only be stopped with Alex offering up a willing virgin "sacrifice" Sammy's new girlfriend for the Ultra high resolution nude pic team to have sex with.

Meanwhile, Denise instructs the lacrosse team's girlfriends in the art of withholding sex, as she teaches them to stand up for themselves against their egomaniac boyfriends. Ken Whittingham. The academic performance of Alex and some of nackte afrikanische stammes frauen sex teammates comes under scrutiny as result of dismal grades and GPA's.

They eventually resort to providing sexual favors for the professor's year-old mother, played by Cloris Leachmanto avoid failing off the team. Jay Chandrasekhar.

Monday to 6 a. Tuesday, Alex meets and hooks up with the girl of his dreams, Jill, who turns out to be just like him. Also Craig breaks up with Denise. A deranged father stalks Alex to get him to hook up with his daughter. Thad questions Alex's team spirit because Alex refuses to slap him on the butt. Craig finally musters the courage to confront Denise and have sex with her. Thad forces the blue mountain state sex szene to use his 'oil change' method to pass the NCAA drug test.

Sammy takes advantage of his mascot costume to score with the ladies. Upon arrival in Baton Rouge, the nackt jungs hielt seine dick is placed under strict rules by Coach Daniels — no interaction with the media. The Pre-Bowl Game festivities consists of sabotage attempts by both teams, causing Thad to place some of his own rules on the team: no eating unless the food is prepared by themselves to avoid intentional food poisoning and a strict 10 PM "Lights Out" curfew.

However, when Craig falls victim to Clementine's sabotage and is accused angel classic porn star anal rapeThad, Alex, and Sammy must break their own rules and spend the night out in an attempt to rescue him from prison.

Thad sets off an investigation after being sodomized during a practice when he tried returning an interception despite most of the team trying to stop him. Sammy meets a former BMS mascot from the s who is now homeless and has been watching practices. Because of bad reputation the team blue mountain state sex szene forced to do a PR tour. In doing so, they set up a charity football game with the church. Before the event, Thad has a dream where God Brian Bosworth tells Thad that he will go pro if he stays celibate.

While Thad is testosteroned up he starts playing incredible football during practice. Thad impresses the coaching staff so much that the coach enforces a rule that the whole team must become celibate. This causes turmoil as the entire team attempts celibacy as a way to improve their performance but it does not produce the desired outcome. As a result the charity event back fires and the players lose control of themselves. Moran meanwhile fights temptation to hook up with Sammy's sister.

After becoming unhappy with Coach Daniels' income, Radon and Thad employ Alex and Sammy to be their middle-men with talent agents. Things soon spiral out of control as the power goes to Sammy's head.

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