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Related Items Preceded by: Guyana graphic. In the latest attacks, at least three fishing boats were attacked and robbed by what victims be- lieve was one gang off the Annandale and Mon Repos, East Slots adult girlss in sweden Demerara coast in.

Singh, the slots adult girlss in sweden of his boat, yesterday said the daring morning attack lasted about 15 minutes and has left him search- ing for a new engine to continue' plying slots adult girlss in sweden trade.

He recalled that around h, he and hi two crew members had let. Singh said there, were four. One was armed with a pistol and another had, a single barrel shotgun, he told the Sun- slots adult girlss in sweden Chronicle.

S- The following day, Mohan St and his two men were also at- tacked and robbed by four men --' armed with firearms off the Mon L0I Repos foreshore. SNlohan yesterday told this. He said the gang placed the guns to their heads, and demanded that they hand slots adult girlss in sweden the engine.

Captain Balgit Singh, right, and crew member Ronald Mohamed point. Delano Williams photo I me n turned to l eave. Singhrelatedthat thepirates ing. According to the man an. He said the ordeal has left' also motioned, for them to hand He said he became afraid other o0ne the4 requested that him in shock andthinking about over the two tanks of gas valued when he saw that the men were he slots adult girlss in sweden over his gas and when his nexi source fdr an engine.

Slots adult girlss in sweden ordeil lasted for 15 'armed since he was the only he hesitated. As vestigating the matter. He recalled that one of the soon as he did so. The first victim of the pi- rate band may have 'been an- other Annandale fisherman who wished to remain anonymous. Proverbs Indonesia and China have both confirmed new human cases of the H5N Istrain of a: jian influenza.

Tliis bringsthe purrenif total to. China, Iridonesia, Vietriat and Thailand. Courities, that, have. Hong Kong. Mongolia, Romama, Ruissia, Thailand. Turkey:and Vietnam. The agency said that fol- lowing the intervention of Presi- dent Bharrat Jagdeo, acting Ag- riculture Minister, Mr Satyadeow Sawh visited the re- gion Friday afternoon and two heavy-duty tractor pumps were to slots adult girlss in sweden deployed to drain flood waters from the area.

Minister met regional officials, residents and officials of the Guyana Sugar Corpora- tion GUYSUCOand in- formed them that he was at Cabinet Friday when President Jagdeo received the information from the regional officials and he was immediately instructed to visit the area. GINA reported that some residents said the main reason for the slots adult girlss in sweden was overtop- ping from the canals under the control of GUYSUCO, while others contended that it was a lack of maintenance of the drain- age and irrigation system in the region.

I live here for over 23 years and this never happen, GUYSUCO is just careless, they don't really care about workers," another resi- dent charged. Sawh asked whether there was an alternative to get the water off the land and one resi- dent explained that if the main drainage canal door was closed, the water could be pumped out. This suggestion found favour with those present, GINA said.

It said Sawh then instructed Regional Chairman, Mr Kumkarran Ramdass to put measures in place to acquire a pump to drain the water as soon as possible. The Regional Chairman promised the Minister-and resi- dents that by Friday evening a tractor pump would have been sent to the area and another was to have been sent yester- day.

Sawh also instructed the Regional Chairman to form a committee to look into the cause of the flood and to find slots adult girlss in sweden tions, the agency said. Photo, courtesy GINA cooked with no runny yolks refrigerated and frozen meats this doesn't kill the vi- rus should be properly de- frosted away from other foods prior to cooking HAND WASHING PRACTICE: Hands are to be washed: before preparing food and after handling vollbusige sara jay krankenschwester zu hause besuchen foods before eating food before administering to an open wound after using the washroom after changing a baby's nappy after helping a child use the washroom after handling animals and animal waste.

It is advised to practise good hygiene daily not just as a preventative measure for avian influenza but to help prevent all other common illnesses. It has been proven glo- bally that eating right, sleeping enough and exercising all help to boost the body's immune sys- tem and this helps to fight ill- nesses", the ministry said. The sub committees sur- veillance, health response, ani- mal health and communications have produced and presented individual committee strategic plans which will be part of the national plan, the update said.

It said Ramdass reported that Region Six commenced preparatory works three weeks ago. Word 3. Excel 4. Access 5. Hardware 2. CorelDraw 2. Adobe Photoshop 3. Senior citizens and kids below thirteen 13 years 1 entitle to one free frame. Experience professionality at hand Lens Craft Optical. Submit applications to: PO Box Regular size Limousine Ford Lincoln Town car. Cheaper by far. Same looks as Stretch Limousine. Not only are CARICOM sugar-producing states, with Guyana being the worst to be affected, struggling to come to terms with the coming massive 36 per cent price cutfor sugar sold on the European market.

From next month, concessions that have been critical for the region's banana economies, in the. Windward Islands in particular, will go under by' replacement of a single tariff and phasing out of the quota system for EU banana imports from producers. In the face of self-serving compromises being made in slots adult girlss in sweden interest of preserving subsidies for. Consensus must serve the interests of ALL.

If the ACP and its allies within Europe and the Western Hemisphere hold the line ori fair trade with justice, they may yet succeed in defeating the manoeuvres at the WTO Hong Kong meeting to further marginalise and pauperise poor and vulnerable economies now battling against narco-trafficking, escalating criminality, joblessness and erosion of even limited socio-economic gains. On Friday, Trade Ministers of the Windward Islands and Jamaica in reacting to the implications of changing the rules on banana imports for Europe's market from Januaryexpressed a sentiment similar to that earlier emphasised by the ACP over the EU's new sugar reform regime: "The Caribbean", said the Trade Ministers "will not be relegated to a position of third, part bystanders in any resolution of the banana issue unlike our experience during the recently-cohclude WTO arbitration process.

We, therefore, insist that w be part of any agreement reached, and wish to slots adult girlss in sweden notice that we too are willing to fight all the way I Hong Kong and beyond to protect our countries front the risk of even more poverty and destitution For this third visit to Barbados sincethe Cuban leader is expected to spend at least two days for which there will be very tight security with a mix of Barbadian and Cuban intelligence personnel.

As customary, for security slots adult girlss in sweden, when he travels abroad, the Cuban embassy in the host country, in this case Barbados, is sticking to the script of its Foreign Ministry. Therefore, it claims "unawareness" of either the date or the time of President Castro's arrival for the one-day on meeting on December 8 with leaders of the Caribbean Community.

Patterson, who will be making his last appearance at such an event as he demits office next year. I have been informed that the summit, which has its concept and format to what was inaugurated in Havana in December to mark three decades of unbroken friendship between Cuba and the year-old CARCOM, is scheduled to get underway this Thursday morning at the new Barbados Hilton that will be heavily ringed with security personnel.

Officially, neither Cuba nor Barbados, host government for the meetings of Foreign Ministers of Slots adult girlss in sweden and the member Community with the exception also for the summit - of Haiti, where a United States- created interim regime is currently involved in preparingfor new parliamentary and presidential elections next month.

The last time the legendary Castro, now 79, came to Barbados was in on an invitation from Prime Minister Owen Arthur, host for this week's summit. Castro's primary mission then was to ceremonially unveil the historic monument dedicated by Barbados to the 73 victims of the terrorist bombing of a Cubana aircraft off Barbados in October Informed sources have, however, signalled that under the central slots adult girlss in sweden of 'The Caribbean Strategy for Social Protection and Sustainable Human Development', major agenda issues would include: The deepening of mutually satisfactory trade and economic relations; health, sports and technical cooperation, as well as security, terrorism and relevant hemispheric and international developments of importance to CARICOM and Cuba.

Lucia and St. In the area of security and terrorism, one sensitive matter that will most definitely be addressed is the demand, both by CARICOM and Cuba, 'to bring closure with justice in the case of the Cuban emigre Luis Posada Cariles. Am e r i c a s investigative and intelligence agencies have long offered Posada protection. This dates back to his involvement in the bombing of the Cubana commercial flight in international waters off Barbados.

The victims of that first bombing slots adult girlss in sweden by foreign terrorists in the English- speaking Caribbean region included 53 Cubans, 11 Guyanese and five North Koreans.

At their annual summit in St. President Castro never failed to prai CARICOM for its vital r as a Community of sm: states and vulneral economies, for taking t bold, unique initiative, fi by four countries Barbad, Guyana, Jamaica slots adult girlss in sweden Trinidad and Tobago - Decemberto establ ties with Cuba that had dramatic impact of break' the US diploma stranglehold on I government and country.

And when a Rasta, even an honorary Rasta gets mad, watch out. I am not mad because my home phone has been down since Wednesday and is not yet working. Soon slots adult girlss in sweden out to be Fri- day when a technician turned up slots adult girlss in sweden the street, stopped awhile at another house, then came around slots adult girlss in sweden me, puttered around and said he was going to look at a 'box' on the utility pole.

He drove off and never re- turned. And the phone was still dead up to yesterday. I can't blame the technician. He probably got a call on hisi cell phone that flood waters were into his house and had to scoot off to bail it all out with a bucket. In the meantime, I can't get on the Internet from home, and if you call my phone and get the busy tone all day and night, it's not me on the phone.

It's probably a blessing in disguise too, since no one can reach me by phone to complain about flood waters and wonder- ing if I have got my boat yet and could I please come to res- cue them. No, Ras Rief Khan is not hopping mad because his home phone has gone dead. And he is not gnashing his teeth and tearing his hair out be- cause the boat he ordered from the Pomeroon after the January floods has not yet been deliv- ered. As a matter of fact, I am glad it has not yet reached me because I am ordering a bigger one.

Trust me, we desperately need a bigger one in Georgetown. And, believe me, I am not hopping mad because I arrived home from Panama on Thurs- day night on BWIA without my suitcase and am still waiting for it to be reunited with me.

I flew from Panama to Mi- ami on American Airlines and was assured slots adult girlss in sweden my suitcase was tagged ,through to necting flight from Miami. I slots adult girlss in sweden rived safely and on time at Cheddi Jagan International Air- port, spent a long time looking around the baggage area, even under the conveyor belt and in the corners of the spanking new arrivals section of the airport, but there was no sign of my suitcase.

And Ras-Rief Khan i. Immigration officers, scanned my left and right index fingers and took digital photos of me twice.

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