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Ahem, Enjoy…. We get paid! But, I dont mean like get it on with the tape… Me: I dont get paid for writing this, and youre not getting paid either… This is The Fatter Limits! I stick out my tongue Peter: HEY! Runs over trying to punch me I kill him, although hes already dead Me: Just roll the tape! Ive made a doo-doo… I wish I went on you, you red-haired wench…. What with her husband Peter at work and Chris, their son, and Meg, their daughter, off to school, it was her private time for a nice leisurely bath.

Refreshed, she came out of the bathroom wearing only her robe and went into her bedroom to change. He had a good buzz on and his constantly horny nature was kicking into overdrive as he realized that he was all alone with object of his peter und lois sex henti dreams. His eyes peter und lois sex henti on her constantly lately, drinking in her lush form.

Her full jiggly breasts and firm round meaty ass bent over before him were in his mind as he heard her in the bathroom. Hentai Picture: Lois Griffin peter und lois sex henti on Brian griffin Petite Lois Griffin demonstrating her well used ass hole after a stunning fluff-the-duff exercise!

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Family Guy Hentai. Cartoon Hentai Blog at Cartoon Sex. Peter und lois sex henti to content. Brian griffin screw luxurious Meg Griffin Posted on January 3, by familyguy. Chris in a different voice:Thank you mother. Brian:Wow you really worked wonders with him.

Lois:Acutally for times sake he just had a fast character change Brian: Right Peter and Stewie come in Peter in a sarcastic voice to Chris:Hello other son. Brian:What the hell has gotten into you.

Peter:Ive just realized my intelligent seamin skipped a child. Cut to Seamin Intellignet one:I say what happened to Fredrick. Another intelligent one:Peter sold him to the sperm bank in order to peter und lois sex henti concert tickets. Family Fellow: A pile of fuckfest happen at Griffins building! Posted on October 18, by familyguy. Brian: Yeah, its so futuristic now! Peter: No, I mean you really cant hold a Water Snake!

Peters is playing with a Water Snake and keeps dropping it Peter: Bends over and farts Oh, there goes my back!!!!! Lois: Then what was that farting sound? Everyone looks at Peter Peter: My back cracked, not my gas! Stewie: Youre the one who stinks you big-nosed devil!!!!!!!!! Lois: Now where can I find a change table? Lois Griffin rail on Brian griffin Posted on March 11, by familyguy. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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