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On January 1,The Times informs the people of Great Britain that they cannot rely on their clocks. To be quite certain that the time is what it purports to be, they are to tune in to the BBC, which will broadcast extra bulletins in order to keep track of it. Electric clocks are affected by the frequent power cuts. Mechanical ones also need overhauling. Maybe it's the cold. Maybe things will improve. The war has seen nearly 50, tons of bombs dropped on London by the Luftwaffe.

More than 4. Some towns have been all but wiped out, such as the Scottish port whose airraids even got a name of their own: the Clydebank Blitz. All across Europe, there is damage. The Austrian city Wiener Neustadt once had 4, buildings; now only 18 are intact. A third of the houses in Budapest are uninhabitable. In France,buildings are in ruins. In the Soviet Union, 1, small towns and villages have been demolished. In Germany, around 3. Half the homes in Berlin itself are derelict.

In Germany as a whole, over 18 million people are homeless. A further 10 million in Ukraine have no roof over their heads. Sex i malmo mullig escort of them have to cope with having only limited access to water and a sporadic electricity supply. Human rights are nonexistent, and hardly anyone has heard of the crime of genocide. Those who survived have only just begun to count their dead. Many travel home, without finding it; others travel anywhere except back where they come from.

Europe's countryside has sex i malmo mullig escort razed and plundered, and tracts of land are flooded by sabotaged dams.

Fields, woodland, farmsteads — lives, food, livelihoods — lie under ash, covered in sludge. Greece lost a third of its forests sex i malmo mullig escort the German occupation. Over a thousand villages there have been burned to the ground. In Yugoslavia, over half the country's livestock have been slaughtered, and the plundering of grain, milk, and wool has left the economy in ruins.

Not only did Hitler's and Stalin's armies wreak destruction as they advanced, but they were ordered to destroy everything in their path when they retreated. This scorched-earth tactic was intended to leave nothing behind for the enemy's troops. In the words of Heinrich Himmler: "Not one person, no cattle, no quintal of grain, no railway track must remain behind The enemy must find a country totally burned and destroyed.

Now, after the war, everyone is on the lookout for watches — stealing, hiding, mislaying, or losing them. The time remains indeterminate. When it's eight in the evening in Berlin, it's seven in Dresden, but nine in Bremen.

Russian time prevails in the Russian zone, while the British impose summer time on their part of Germany. If someone asks what time the clock says, most will say it's gone. The clock, that is — or do they mean time itself?

When the man with the magic box comes to the village, he calls the sex i malmo mullig escort together. The little ones are to ask their mothers for grain, the older ones are to pilfer food, but everyone has to come to sex i malmo mullig escort the magic box, which — so the man claims — eats sugar and shits sweets.

They laugh and pay him in bulgur wheat, lentils, and oats. He tells his tales and shows his pictures, which turn into stories sex i malmo mullig escort he puts a stick into the cardboard box and stirs. Hamdeh is sixteen and can't get enough of the moving pictures' sex i malmo mullig escort. She filches bread from her mother to pay the man, takes handfuls of lentils from the stores.

She thinks of her uncle, who owns a great many hens and five cockerels. During his afternoon nap, she sneaks in and steals some eggs — just so she can see the pictures moving again, hear about heroes and freedom fighters, sex i malmo mullig escort the world expand. But as she leaves her uncle's tent with the sex i malmo mullig escort, he awakes, catches the girl, and strikes her.

The eggs are smashed, and that night Hamdeh, her apron soiled, sleeps in a cave to avoid his anger. But that blows over.

Every evening, when he has told his stories to an end, the man with the magic box concludes with the same words: "This is the darkness, this is the night. He wakes early on January 6 and fits in a few hours' work before strolling down to the station to meet his family. A good minute walk, he notes, glad to have his wife and daughter back home.

The great white jail is a hellish place to be alone. The floors creak and crack at night. It takes little imagination for him to picture old James Buchanan wandering back and forth, full of anxiety over a world beyond his control. In fact, the unquiet spirits of many presidents traipse up and down the stairs, complaining about what they should have done better and what they failed to achieve. Some of his late predecessors are absent, Truman writes in the blue diary.

They simply don't have the time, being far too busy controlling heaven and governing hell. But the others, the poor, tormented presidents who were misrepresented in history, get no rest. The White House is a hellish place. It is announced on January 7 that women employed by Sex i malmo mullig escort Transport have to vacate their posts.

Sex i malmo mullig escort being sent home. In the months sex i malmo mullig escort come, all London's bus and tram conductresses will be dismissed — 10, of them altogether. Movements at the border, trees like black lines in a white landscape; footsteps on frozen ground leave few traces. The world is full of fugitives eager to escape.

Some borders are less tightly controlled than others, the roads narrow and winding, the locals occupied with their own affairs. A border between Germany and Denmark; another between Denmark and Sweden; maritime boundaries; land borders; lines drawn on paper maps, but in reality marked by a stone, a fence, a thousand dry stalks of grass rustling in the passing wind. Many are fleeing from their experiences, others from the consequences of their acts. Coded messages, and never more than one night in the same place.

Men stream out of Germany into Denmark and continue sex i malmo mullig escort journey toward Sweden. Helping hands provide them with food and a bed for the night along the way.

Per Engdahl wants his passport back. Denied it, he finds himself confined to his own country, which he wants both to preserve and to expand until the sex i malmo mullig escort give way. This is a contradictory vision which he will work tirelessly to realize. The Swedish Security Service classes him as a Nazi, and after a visit to Vidkun Quisling in wartime Norway, and a subsequent journey to Finland on which he met some of sex i malmo mullig escort Wehrmacht's top brass, his passport has been confiscated.

Although Engdahl makes several attempts to recover it, this takes a while — so he has others come to him, to Malmo. He has loyal collaborators who travel and organize things on his behalf. Barely any documents remain, and only a few names are mentioned in the papers that survive him. Only through detours, unraveling threads sex i malmo mullig escort facts, seeking out and piecing together the events of the months that formcan information be found about a time when everything seemed possible, as it had already happened.

They come from all corners of Europe. All of them need help to evade the consequences of their wartime actions, and the sex i malmo mullig escort without a passport welcomes them. Though Per Engdahl is the leader of Sweden's Fascists, he wants to keep the white flow of fugitives seeking his aid outside the sex i malmo mullig escort, discreetly concealed and coded.

Thus his own home — 2, Master Henriksgatan, Sex i malmo mullig escort — becomes the center of operations. The fugitives' hot sexy nude posiert stehend takes on a literary character; the Fascist, who also writes poetry, uses book titles as code words for "refugee," "hiding place," and "movement" — all to keep the Swedish police unaware.

How many come? No one is sure. Who are they? No one knows. However, among the thousands of men on the run, one or two become more than just a name — maybe even a friend. One such is Professor Johann von Leers, the right-hand man and protege of Propaganda Minister Goebbels, and one of the most influential ideologues behind the Nazis' hate propaganda.

An iron-willed, committed Jew-hater, belonging to the Nazi leadership. Von Leers was captured by US troops and interned in Darmstadt, but fled after 18 months. After that, he left only diffuse and contradictory traces. He managed to disappear altogether for several years, making a definite reappearance inin Buenos Aires. Some claim he went underground in northern Germany for several years; others say he lived incognito in Italy. What we do know is that in late he travels to the old merchant city of Flensburg, not far from the Danish border.

The young Kristensen takes a liking to Johann von Leers — they will stay in touch — and escorts his new friend further across Denmark to Copenhagen, where others take over, arranging a boat over the Oresund strait.

Engdahl and his friends manage to find jobs for a thousand or so Nazi fugitives. All of them know the score: action is fine, but in obscurity, sex i malmo mullig escort from the light. Per Engdahl: poet, journalist, Fascist leader.

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