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They are pure fantasy and nothing more. The back and forth tease was a fun game they continued to play, even though they had already been to be together sex girl den ersten orgasmus alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes occasions. Alexis remembered one of her conversations with Lauren, when Lauren first started to seduce her, she lay in bed and wondered how many times they had been together since then, it all seemed a blur, she thought of those times, and the other time when Lauren gave her an amazing massage late at night with scented candles, soft music and while they were both nude.

It was nice. I got close, but I fell asleep after a while, I was so tired. Maybe we alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes try something new? Lauren gently inserted half of her finger inside Alexis who was surprisingly moist.

Lauren let her finger rest there while she passionately kissed Lexi and their tongues met playfully in her mouth. When she got up and walked into the bedroom, Lauren followed. She stripped off in front of Lauren, then lay on the bed naked and started to touch herself. Lauren watched Alexis masturbating with wild lustful eyes. Alexis lay flat on the bed, stretching out in all directions.

Then Lauren moved over and kissed Alexis tenderly on the lips, then moved down to her breast, planting small butterfly kisses on her soft supple small breasts, she continued down her body, stroking Alexis with gentle hands, until Lauren reached the object of her desire. Lauren loved to seduce young women, taking them into her bed and having her way with them, she particularly loved the doe-eyed innocent look that Alexis pulled off effortlessly.

It made Lauren want her even more, and now here she was enjoying going down on Alexis and savoring her co-stars pleasing moans. Lauren was savoring the moment, touching Alexis intimately and lovingly — but also planning on turning Alexis into her personal sex-kitten.

That night, after getting Alexis off — Lauren drove home as she had an early start the next day, she was still so horny the moment she got in the door she went straight to her favourite vibrator in her bedroom side drawer and made herself come loudly while thinking of Alexis.

Then Lauren took a shower and went to bed with a big smile on her face, her groin still glowing and warm. Sometimes Lauren brought in the dildo she had inserted into herself in the secret video she made for Alexis. One weekend to they decided to take things a little further. Lauren loved how bold Alexis had gotten with her. The shy timid girl she had met was now a bold sexually confident woman who went after whatever or whoever she wanted.

Lauren had bought some new toys that week for them to experiment with and when she got up for a break, she went for a drink and came back with a toy and some lube. Lauren took out a string of anal beads and instructed Alexis on how to insert them. Lauren knew that her seduction was complete, Alexis had become her personal willing sex slave, keen to try out anything Lauren suggested.

As much as Lauren enjoyed having Alexis all to herself, she knew it would just as fun to watch her get fucked by someone else while she watched. On a private weekend getaway, Lauren took Alexis to a luxury hotel for some extra attention, and wasted no time alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes starting a sensual massage for her new lover. Alexis had never told anybody of her desires for women. Alexis felt not just lusted after — desired — but valued and appreciated.

Lauren massaged Alexis down her back, kneeding and squeezing out the knots, moving on to her legs and feet, before moving back to her arms and neck, and then to her butt. Lauren could feel Alexis tighten her little bud as she ever so gently continued to press against it with one thumb. The soft candle light, generous amounts of wine she drank earlier and the slow, very deliberate erotic sensual pace Lauren moved at enhanced every movement, every breath, every touch, every minute sensation.

When the men she alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes dated would be finishing, she was just getting warmed up. The slower… and more in control Lauren was, the safer and more trusting Lexi felt. Other times with Lauren had been more dominance, control and risk, but alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes time Lexi got a nice full body nude massage to gentle music and scented candles.

Rather than feeling rushed and over stimulated, Alexis was deeply relaxed and every slight gentle touch from Lauren made her skin tingle, like little fireworks going off all over her body.

As Alexis remembered all this and more, Lauren continued her gentle massage, and worked her thumb a little more into her butt. Despite being an anal alexis bledel und lauren graham nude fakes, it slid right in first time. Lexi moaned and screamed and bucked her hips as Lauren did her best to keep her fingers inside her. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. Hee-hee, um. Then Lauren walked out of the room, she had all answer she wanted, and no words were needed.

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