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Register Now - It's Free! Ok here goes, I'm 37 years old from the UK and I have a fetish for hairy women. I'm proud to say it!!!!! I'm not just talking about a hairy pussy believe me thats a massive turn on just alonebut all over. Pussy, ass, belly and even nipples. Hairy pits and legs are my favourite, because they are deemed such a taboo, because the biggest turn on is knowing that these women don't give a fuck about society and I fucking bow down to them So let me know if there are any other guys out there which I know there isatkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html old you are, where you're from and what turns you on about these perfect natural girls.

Also hairy girls, let us know where you're hairy and why you love to be hairy and do you show it off or do you hide it Of course i love girl who show it off, but imagine seeing a beautiful hairy body when you're least atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html it I posted a story a few years back and Atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html never managed to finish it off.

Last edited by welshandproud : at PM. Snugbug is offline. Hmm, I guess I fall into the hairy woman category because I only shave my pits, and then it's usually only when I'm hoping to get laid. I leave my legs and pussy area as is no matter what atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html it's too much trouble. I only shave my arm pits because it's quick and easy and I feel sean michael schwarze porno star it's a compromise, like I'll meet a beauty standard if it's not too much trouble.

But I don't shave my legs or pussy because it's uncomfortable and tedious. Originally Posted by Snugbug. Originally Posted by welshandproud. Atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html wife did exactly the same when we first started dating. She also said she couldn't be bothered. Emmcee20 is offline. Hairy is fun! Finding a way through the jungle, hoping to find a tiger - ended up finding a pussy!

Several partners didn't trim but only one didn't shave. Loved licking through her pits and she found it a real turn on too.

She was able to copy my moves on me - lucky to be a hairy guy. Find More Posts by Emmcee Obviously it wasn't really sexual at that stage but obviously sowed a seed that became an important part of my sexuality. At that age I wasn't aware of pubic hair or even realised that women removed body hair- much more innocent times. When I was at uni late 70's many of the female students were hairy but in the 3 years I was there a real sea change began to occur.

After a few years the same domino effect took hold until there were no atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html any hairy legs on view. Today get my fix of hairy women on the web where there is still much hirsute beauty on show. Though initially saddened by this I also became aroused by it.

Kind of masochistic as I love hairy legs but the adrenalin rush when she teases with the razor is also a turn-on. Hairy always first contact on dating sites favourite, but the occasional shave can add some spice. Fortunately it grows back quickly. I've written a small number of hairy women stories here.

Viva hairy women! Orlando30 is offline. I'm 33 and I love a hairy pussy. Luckily my girlfriend stopped shaving her pussy when I asked her. Hairy pits, I wouldn't mind, but my girlfriend prefers to shave them and that's fine for me. Hairy legs, well, my girlfriend's leg hair is very sparse and almost invisble, atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html even if she doesn't shave, there is basically nothing to see.

Cycle Tom is offline. Of course she has a full bush. Hairy pits have a subtle sexy fragrance when you snuggle in them. Originally Posted by Cycle Tom. Mqoi is offline. Love hairy women and men and always have. The ultimate turn on for me. Originally Posted by Orlando I have seen pictures a couple of times of women with hairy pits and a fully shaved pussy.

Remarkable but nice combination. Hopefully my girlfriend will let her pits grow out one day, I'm just wondering how that will be. The longest time she hasn't shaved was for two atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html, but at that time the hairs were still very short.

JackOffer is offline. Neither of my late wives ever shaved anything, and I loved it. My Daughter, Daughters in-Law, and grand-daughters don't shave either. Originally Posted by JackOffer. For five years I worked atkhairy amkingdom com hairy mitglieder hairfront html an office with a young blonde woman who had long hair on her head.

Her nicole gale anderson nude fakes fell to the middle of her back. She also didn't shave under her arms. That turned me on, but most of the other guys at work made disparaging remarks about her armpit hairs. So wonderful to meet folks who appreciate natural women. My erwachsenen den lowen store wisconsin doesn't shave and neither do many of our friends.

It's very attractive. Attached Images DSC Astroman72 is offline. I'm neutral about hairy legs. Originally Posted by bsanchez Originally Posted by Astroman Valendon is offline. I love the bush! I've got a fetish for furry bellies--"treasure trails"--and bush that spreads from hip to hip, down inner thighs and up the back! Glad to see this thread extolling natural, unshaved women, and humbly offer my stories.

Originally Posted by 5A4nxL YDB95 is offline. Lifelong fan of big bushes here too! It's a trademark of most of my stories linked on my sig line. The Elizabeth series is a good place to start, and if you really want to make my day, you can buy the first three chapters on Amazon.

Oh and for one more really shameless self-promotion, I nearly forgot: my entry in the current April Fools contest, A Hairy Ride Into Aprilfeatures a very hairy heroine. She's based on a very brave and beautiful woman with whom I once had the honor of sharing a swimming pool.

All times are GMT The time now is AM. Copyright Literotica Online. Literotica is a registered trademark. Hairy Women Fetish. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Find More Posts by welshandproud. Find More Posts by Snugbug. Quote: Originally Posted by Snugbug Hmm, I guess I fall into the hairy woman category because I only shave my pits, and then it's usually only when I'm hoping to get laid. Quote: Originally Posted by welshandproud My wife did exactly the same when we first started dating.

Visit Emmcee20's homepage! Find More Posts by 5A4nxL Find More Posts by Orlando Find More Posts by Cycle Tom. Bi and loving it.

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