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Authors note: the first part of this chapter is for Derekctomlinson. Thanks for the reviews and the idea. Hope you don't mind me using it. The three had just taken off, Shego was busy flying and Kim and Bonnie were just randomly talking. Kim blushes bright red but answered awkwardly, "Yeah Kim looked over at Bonnie and noticed a jealous look, "Hey…" Kim gave Bonnie a gentle smile and gently squeezed her hand.

Bonnie's eyes went wide, "Wait you have a male's privates? How come you didn't have it when we were intimate. Kim chuckled, "Uh After landing the three had barely stepped off of the plane before a little girl jumped out of the black car that was parked not far away from the plane, the girl ran up to the plane and Shego kneeled to hug her but she ran past her and to Kim.

The redhead and mini Shego hugged for 5 minutes before Shego got too jealous and wanted a hug from her daughter. After Shego had her hug Casey turned her attention to Bonnie who had been patiently watching. Casey and Bonnie stared at each other for a few minutes before they both looked to the pale green woman and the redhead who had both been watching. The two women gave the young girl and fawn haired girl a reassuring smile.

Casey looked up at Bonnie and smiled at her, the fawn haired girl smiled and offered kim possible shego bonnie comic handshake but Casey ignored it and went in for a hug. Bonnie was surprised when Casey whispered something to her, " Please don't hurt them. They've been hurt enough. Just tell the truth and stay or leave. Bonnie whispered back with a smile, " If I didn't like them I wouldn't be here. I don't do anything I don't want and I'm not like I use to be, I have no motives to hurt them or you.

Bonnie pulls slightly away smiles at the young girl. The two separate and Casey looks at Kim and Shego and says happily while grabbing Bonnie's hand, "I like her. Kim smiled and Shego stood shocked. Shego's smiled and picked her daughter up and hugged her. The four made their way to the car with Casey laughing in her mother's arms as her mother tickled her, Bonnie and Kim smiled as they watched.

Shego made sure that Casey, Kim, and Bonnie were in the car before getting herself. The onyx haired woman had barely sat down when the person in front of her kim possible shego bonnie comic around and said with a smug smile, "Hello Silvana. Shego's eyes went wide at the thick Italian accent. What are you doing here? I only requested that Casey be driven here. But I thought they could sneak her out while you were in a meeting or something.

The Italian woman in the passenger seat. After a minute drive, they arrived at the Go kim possible shego bonnie comic. Shego sighed as she spotted her mother leaning against a black Bently. What the hel-". The older woman scoffed, "I wouldn't invite your mother no matter how much I would love to see you two argue.

I kim possible shego bonnie comic I love the drama but the yelling get's annoying, especially if you're trying to entertain a The older woman just laughed. She sighed as she got out of the car without any problem, while the older Go was Her mentality was of a woman in her 20's while she was not that old only in her 50'ss, no one really knows cause the woman never really talked about her age.

Not even her daughter knew her age. The Italian woman walked up to her daughter. The two started to calmly talk as calm as two Go's could talk calmly to each othertheir calm talking escalated to yelling then to yelling in Italian.

Shego looked at the fawn haired woman bewildered and confused about how the woman knew what her mother and grandmother were saying, "How do you know what they're saying?! So I explored for the day to pass the time and ended up staying for a year and picked up the language. I loved it so much I didn't want to leave when the time came but my te- family needed me," Bonnie rambled as she mindlessly looked out at the lawn occasionally looking at the yelling Italian relatives.

Kim smiled as Bonnie shared a bit about her 5-year vacation, ever since Bonnie had gotten back in contact with Kim the fawn haired woman hadn't said a thing about those 5-years not even when she would ask about it would Bonnie answer. I got busy," Casey's smile went from its wats to wats. Oh uh, I meant Grandma got busy with meetings and I just forgot about it," Casey played off her earlier words with a smile.

Shego kim possible shego bonnie comic at her daughter with skepticism. Bonnie busted out laughing while Kim tried her best to kim possible shego bonnie comic her laughter, "What?

Casey cringed at "sex" like a twelve-year-old. To be fair she was only 14 while she was short and had the voice of a 9-year-old it was a normal thing for a Gooding and they used it to their advantage as in getting past security at a concert without a ticket cause they got lost within the crowd and somehow made it outside and they couldn't get into to get their mother and they were scared.

I am not having sex with anyone. Kim and Bonnie were shocked at the accusation and kim possible shego bonnie comic answer of the thought to be 9-year-old. She's just a 9-year-old. Suddenly the two Italian women who were fighting walked up to the car, Isabel went to open the right rear door but Shego beat her to it and leaned overlock the door. Isabel frowned at her daughter when the door didn't open when she pulled on the door handle.

The two Italian women looked at each other, challenging the other to try something. Isabel quickly reached for the passenger door but Shego met her there, the older woman had kristen dejting thaimassage med he the door open quite a bit but the pale woman grabbed the door and began pulling the door closed but the older woman pulled back.

Shego growled and pulled the door with all her strength the older woman pulled back but was outmatched by her daughter's kim possible shego bonnie comic strength while Shego didn't have the strength of Hego she had about half of her brother's strength, so did the rest of the Gooding children. Shego pulled the door closed and locked it. While her daughter was busy locking the passenger door she slid over the hood of the car and went for the left rear side door.

Casey quickly locked her door saying sorry to her Grandmother as the older woman yelled, "Listen to your Grandmother and open the door! Shego sat back and teased her mother while sticking her tongue out to finish the childish act. Isabel smiled and ran for the driver's side door. Isabel continued to pull on the door kim possible shego bonnie comic as if pulling more would make the door open.

I don't want to have to pay for a new door handle. The woman was leaning against the black Bently while on her phone.

The woman looked up and a devilish smile pulled at her lips, "And why would I do that. I would like to keep the title of Silvana's favorite grandmother and I like kim possible shego bonnie comic you suffer. Isabel watched as her mother went back to typing, then her eyes lit up with an idea, "If you don't I will call you by your name I won't mother.

Remember the last time you said that? To say in short the Goodings have anger problems. The older woman growled, "You married that douche bag Roman. Do not open the doors. Isabel watched her life flash before her eyes as they widened in fear as the sight of her mother charging towards her in rage froze her until the last minute and she stepped out of the way. That didn't help the daughter of said inraged woman it only angered the beast more.

Alessa didn't stop even when her daughter moved aside all she did was use her momentum and turned and kim possible shego bonnie comic a kick that was caught by Isabel.

Isabel was pushed back by the kick but quickly recover and pushed the foot away causing her mother to fall. Isabel took the chance to try the doors again by the time she got to the passenger door Alessa was on her feet and running at her. Isabel stopped on the right side of the hood of the car as her mother came to the left side of the kim possible shego bonnie comic of the car.

Your name isn't even that bad. Ti faro rimpiangere il giorno in cui sei nato! I'll make you regret the day you were born " Alessa yelled at kim possible shego bonnie comic daughter. Alessa may have just roared as she ran after her daughter. Shego finally had enough of watching her mother tease her grandmother and immediately regret it, which is surprising. Shego stepped out kim possible shego bonnie comic the car and stood in front of her grandmother and her mother, the onyx haired woman smiled as she watched the two older women constantly sidestep, Alessa looking for an opening to attack her daughter and Isabel watching her mother waiting for her to charge at her again.

I need you two to stop. I want to make this vacation to be perfect and that doesn't include watching two women kill each other. Authors not: yes I used a review for a part of this chapter kim possible shego bonnie comic Derekctomlinson has a problem with it please tell me, other than that this is just what I think on the spot so if its bad then Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Cartoons Kim Possible. After meeting for the first time in 4 years with the help of Bonnie Rockwaller, the pale green woman decides to talk to Kim and together they decide kim possible shego bonnie comic get themselves a Rockwaller. Shego and Kim do everything they can for a year to get the Rockwaller in their arms, will they get through her walls, will they stick around after learning what happened during the years she was gone?

What the hel-" "Shego!

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