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Contestia is a digital mode that is very very similar to Olivia. It sounds and looks on waterfall just like Olivia. Contestia is a olivia hf sende amateur radio mode directly derived from Olivia that is not quite as robust - but more of a compromise between speed and performance. It sounds almost identical to Olivia, can be configured in as many ways, but has essentially twice the speed.

Contestia has 40 formats just like Olivia - some of which are considered standard and they all have different characteristics. The formats vary in bandwidth ,, and hz and number of tones used 2,4,8,16,32,64, or How well does Contestia perform? Contestia performs very well under weak signal conditions. It decodes below the noise level but Olivia still outperforms it in this area by about 1.

It is twice as fast as Olivia per configuration. When ragchewing under fair or better conditions it can be more preferable to many hams than Olivia because of the faster speed. Contestia get olivia hf sende amateur radio increased speed by using a smaller symbol block size 32 than Olivia 64 and by a using 6bit decimal character set rather than 7bit ASCII set that Olivia does.

Therefore, it has a reduced olivia hf sende amateur radio set and does not print out in both upper and lower case like RTTY. Some traffic nets might not want to use this mode because it does not support upper and lower case characters and extended characters found in many documents and messages.

For normal digital chats and ham communications that does not pose any problem. In my personal on the air tests and QSO's, Contestia has done real well and has already become my 2nd favorite mode - Olivia being my favorite. The obvious advantage is that it is 4 times more narrow! On the lower bands with higher noise levels Olivia will still be very important to me, though - suche fur ein boses madchen in akhisar it can decode slightly farther into the noise.

And when band conditions really stink - Olivia shines Ham Radio Deluxe Beta ver. It is FREE olivia hf sende amateur radio donations are encouraged. It also has multiple modes and built-in rig control capability. It has a huge number of digital modes in it - some of which are ONLY currently available in this program. It works well with many older and newer computers and is worth having on the computer of any digital operator.

The only caveat is that the user interface looks tremendously messy and daunting. It can discourage a user at first glance and looks very difficult but it's basic operation is fairly simple after you get used to the olivia hf sende amateur radio looking user interface.

Contestia is in at least versions 4. It can be downloaded and used for 15 days before it must be registered. It is available only on Windows computers and has a large number of digital modes and has a DLL support file that can be downloaded to allow it to work with the Contestia mode.

Contestia Digital Mode Olivia hf sende amateur radio. What's that? And why is it on this site? What is Contestia? Where can I find a computer program for it?

Contestia is available olivia hf sende amateur radio the same programs that support Olivia though a few have only recently added them in their latest BETA versions.

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