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The guy left me a voicemail. He identified himself as "Mike" and said he was from a company called "Orange Soda.

They do online marketing for your business. Said they were doing a survey about the economy. I told them I was on the do not call list, and did not want them to call me. I said if this was a political call, to take me off their calling list. Keeps calling my phone at different hours of the day nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad no voicemail or just hangs up.

Also calls from nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad He hung up on me when i called him back he said he didnt have to provide any type of proof that i owed a debt.

Its clear he dont know the laws in my state. He didnt even bother to ask what my current address or employer was something is fishy here. I had suspicions but gave him my card info anyway,since I have protection from this sort of thing. I never received the products and my card was charged over I missed the call and called back and it was an automated message about a rebate card.

It goes on to say if you press 2, they'll put you on the do not call list. Washington Mutual phoning with wherever their little heart pleases. I'm not sure who this person was I know it was a man maybe a boy and they were makeing disturbing moaning sounds.

I googled the number and it seems to be a Gmail phone service thing of some kind that allows anyone to call any google phone and it free while only showing this number. They just call me asking me about my job my full name and i asked him who what calling and he clicked on me and i would like to know who was that called me. They are calling me several times a day at work and now since they cannot reach me on my direct line, they are calling and harrassing our receptionist, accusing me of fraud and of being a criminal and that I need to contact a police officer at this number.

I nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad them and told them to "cease and desist" and that I know their calls are fraudulent. I asked them for their address and they will not give it to me and only get hostile, yell at me, and interrupt me.

You cannot talk to them. They call endlessly. I decided to answer, was told to hold for a 'rep'. Held on for 5 minutes and hung up. The number calls many time throughout the day and it is getting out of hand, answered on two occasions and when asked if there was a message to be left they hung up the phone. If it was so important one would think a message would be left.

Is there a way to get them to stop calling? The identical firm that calls, often making use of a different no. I was called by this number along with a case number. They asked for someone who does not live here and the number they called was my wife's name not mine They Called themselves 'United' and would not give me any other information.

This company is a 3rd nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad company, which purchased the rights to a collection for an ambulance bill. The hospital merged my husband's medical information with another, whose name is the same and the birth date is 2 days off. That person died in the hospital and 2 years later, the bills started coming in.

The hospital has tried recalling all of the bills, but since the ambulance company sold the rights, they refuse to recall the sold collection and the Alliant 'Law' group refuses to talk to the hospital.

They are very rude and many times we thought we finally cleared things up to nude black woman kostenlose fotos the calls start up again daily. We may have to break nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad and get an attorney involved. I just received a phone call from them to a John Harris who has an Indian accent as well, stating that he works in the Federal Crime Dept. I feel sorry for the folks who they get to send them money Honestly, we need to do something about these people and shut them oral sex in nevada bordelle My mother has gotten 45 calls in 2 weeks from this guy Jack and he is so smooth she nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad him a lot of money in hopes of a 'package' to nackt madchen cle elum in novi sad delivered.

Also said she would get a new Mercedes with the package. He is evil and don't fall for this scam. I am having issue with them right now also. If anyone makes any headway, please post it here.

I think I will report them also. They are rude and turn everything around. When asked questions, they place blame elsewhere. Home Opt Out Contact. Luther Valley Rd. Post by Anonymous. He didnt even bother to ask what my current address or employer was something is fishy here Post by Anonymous. He is evil and don't fall for this scam Post by Anonymous.

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