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Print Friendly. Powers and Abilities Mystique can assume the shape of any humanoid being. If Mystique is badly hurt, her body will begin to blur between all of the recent forms she has taken. Mystique seems to have many other enhanced reptilian abilities in addition to her camouflage, as is reflected in her natural appearance. Other examples include her ability to leap Jumpingadhere to surfaces Cling and her ability to seal even extensive abdominal wounds, much like those reptiles that can seal their blood vessels when body parts are broken off Invulnerability, Stabilization.

It is possible that there are additional reptilian traits possessed by Mystique, such as Thermal Vision, but no other abilities have been confirmed as yet.

Her chameleon abilities are complemented by impressive imitative skills. It is known that she manifested her mutant powers before leaving school. If she followed the typical mutant life sequence, her powers probably manifested at puberty. When the X-Men arrived at the Statue of Liberty to stop Magneto, Mystique was part of his rebecca romijn stamos als mystique pics line of defense and delayed the team for a while before being seriously wounded by Wolverine.

After Mystique freed Magneto, the two of gratis mogenporr fr sex vidio joined the X-Men in stopping Stryker from carrying out his plot.

While Mystique can take any humanoid form, her natural appearance is that of a tall, lithe female with blue reptilian-scaled skin, yellow eyes, and red hair.

She usually has a cold stare or a calculating smile. In her natural form her voice has a disturbing resonance. Mystique tends to be rather quiet, as befits her role in the Brotherhood as an infiltrator. She does have a cruel streak, particularly when confronting tormentors or those who would oppose the Brotherhood such as the mutant-hating Senator Kelly or the X-Men. However, she does not let that distract her from the mission or goad her to excess.

Mystique constantly seeks ways to weaken potential opponents by encouraging divisions in their ranks. This was clearly seen in some of her efforts while posing as Senator Kelly, and during her attempted seduction of Wolverine while the X-Men and the Brotherhood had their temporary alliance. Mystique might rebecca romijn stamos als mystique pics a relative or partner of Killer Croc. Sharing Related rebecca romijn stamos als mystique pics on Writeups. Tell me more about the game stats.

Drawbacks: Miscellaneous Social Stigma: Mutant — exact effects are up to the GM, but could probably be treated as Socially Inept when interacting with those prejudiced against mutantsDistinct Appearance. Her usual tactics depend on whether or not she has won initiative. If she has the initiative, she will substitute for AV and Press the Attack in conjunction with a Critical Blow to drop or at least Knockback her opponent so that she does not get hit in return. If she loses Initiative, she will substitute for OV or use an All-Out Dodge to get some space between her and her attacker.

She will substitute Martial Artist for EV if she gets the opportunity to launch a Blindside attack — she usually tries to approach unterstutzung der behinderten zu masturbieren targets in the guise of an ally for this purpose.

By Roy Cowan. Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: The Brotherhood of Mutants.

Eyes: Yellow Hair: Red. Related articles on Writeups. Connections: Rebecca romijn stamos als mystique pics Brotherhood of Mutants High.

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