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Pilaf has summoned Shenron, and only Oolong can stop him now. Jolting towards the wish-granting dragon, the piglet opens his lips and roars his deepest desire: Bulma Briefs.

Paying the rent By : Menasker Published : May 31, videl bulma e chichi hentqi Living in Kame's house isn't free, and Krilin is useless, so Android 18 has asiatische madchen mit nippel piercing find a way to convince Roshi to let bygones be bygones.

But what happens when Old Kai decides to spice things up halfway? Your time was running out. That's what all the doctors you saw agreed on. But an encounter with Goku and a journey for the dragonballs would forever change your life. What is it about saiyan men that made them so unforgettable? It was only natural to be attached to the 14 year old student you'd been teaching these last few years.

It videl bulma e chichi hentqi natural for the student to be attached to you as well. As the adult it's your responsibility to videl bulma e chichi hentqi things straight. But the lines of human morality weren't built with bullheaded saiyans in mind. Dragon ball hentai version: What ifs By : lesterthepoet Published : November 27, An anthology of what ifs in Dragon ball hentai version.

Each showing what could happen instead. Some chapters will have warnings. Honestly Krillin's videl bulma e chichi hentqi wimpy pecker could satisfy her only so long, videl bulma e chichi hentqi was a married android slut to do when Roshi came up to her with his enormous donkey dick and slapped her ass like a whore? Who could blame her? Just how much humiliation can a pretty, teenage super heroine take in order to save the day?

A collection of short one-shots. Chi-Chi is struggling to make ends meet and decides to get a job as a waitress. On her first day of the job, she discovers there's an easier way to make money than filling orders. Dragon ball hentai version By : lesterthepoet Published : November 24, Son Gohan has lost his ability to become a Super Saiyan!

Can he defend his girlfriend, Videl, from three horny teenage androids?! And the sadistic general doesn't mind getting a little pleasure in the process. Gohan and Videl vacation on an exotic desert island, but three powerful locals take an interest in Videl. Takes place in an alternate universe where Goku defeated Cell and Eighteen was turned into a human. Goku paid Kame's House a visit, only to find Eighteen alone with everyone else gone. Soon Kakkarot awakened and all hell broke loose.

Moonlight By : Maddiesan Published : January 26, Moonlight provided the spark they needed but can they find the rest of the path themselves?

This is a chapter from my Raditz and 18 story in which Raditz gets a second chance at life courtesy of his younger brother. This chance leads to eventual romance with 18 aka Lazuli and the two finally take things to the next level after three months of dating.

Why Never With Me? Nelfie is in an videl bulma e chichi hentqi relationship with Trunks. Things got so bad she tried taking her own life. Who will be there to pick up the pieces. TxN VxN. Frustrated By : Akira Published : February 22, Shower By : bluelily3 Published : February 6,

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