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Set your partner's heart on fire with personalized romantic coupons. Just edit, download, and print! Imagine all the fun things you could write on these coupons! Sexy or chaste, naughty or nice, it's up to you, because you can customize the text however you like.

The coupons also come with a choice of vintage-style covers. You simply cut out your coupons and cover, and then staple them together into a booklet. One cover features two doves on a postage stamp, and the other is a word-art heart. Both are included in the download. It was perfect. I made two booklets, 20 coupons in total, and put some inside jokes on some of them. She loved it. My roommates saw them before I gave them to her and they were blown away. They kept saying things like, "That's the sexy love coupons fur sie thing I've ever seen!

I hadn't heard of your site before but the way your coupons looked caught my eye - I don't mind paying for quality. I printed them out on card instead of paper and they turned out great. I actually intend to use them again. The coupons print 6 per page. Once you purchase you can make as many as you like. I'd recommend 12 as a good number to fit in a booklet.

Sexy love coupons fur sie for ideas? See our message ideas for sex kontakt stockholm thai halmstad. Assemble into an attractive booklet. Can I make more than 6 coupons? Yes, you can make as many as you like. You could even make coupons all with different messages, one for each day of the year.

Is the coupon booklet hard to assemble? It's really easy. You just need scissors and a stapler. See the assembly instructions for more details. What size are the coupons? Each coupon is 4. The completed booklet is 4. What if I buy it but then it looks bad when I print sexy love coupons fur sie Just email me. What if I give it to them sexy love coupons fur sie they don't like it?

What's your guarantee or returns policy? If your partner doesn't LOVE their coupon book, email me and I'll refund every penny immediately, no questions asked, no matter how long it was since you purchased.

Our romantic coupons come in high quality PDF format, with dpi resolution, so they'll look even better printed out than they do on your screen. They have parchment-style paper background for a vintage chic look and feel.

The best thing about being able to personalize your coupons is that you can make a set that are perfect for your boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or wifeand write coupons that you know he'll love to sexy love coupons fur sie. Maybe he's into the classic romantic "breakfast in bed" or sexy love coupons fur sie dinner", or maybe you're looking to personalize coupons to include his favorite places and hobbies, or perhaps you're looking to offer something a little more daring.

Here are some ideas to get you started Watch sunset at insert favorite location Moon-lit walk Dinner at insert favorite restaurant Foot massage One free compliment Bubbly sexy love coupons fur sie for two Evening of being treated like royalty Romantic night in Movie of your choice Champagne in bed Fully body massage I'll wash your car If you're looking for some properly sizzling, salacious and x-rated love coupon ideas then take a peak at the erotic coupon ideas on yahoo answers and take your pick of racy coupon messages.

The photos in these instructions are of our original romantic coupons but the same instructions apply to our modern romantic coupons. Print out the matchbook cover onto card or photo paper if you have it, and be sure to print it out double-sided. I like to use "Canon Matte Photo Paper". Cut out around the border of the matchbook cover. Print out the coupon sheet and cut out each individual coupon.

I like to use a cutting board, ruler and sharp blade, but scissors are just fine too! You'll notice a faint dashed line at the far end of the matchbook cover, furthest from the sexy love coupons fur sie picture. Crease along this line, and fold the shorter bit underneath the cover. Turn the cover over and place your coupons under the little sexy love coupons fur sie. Staple to secure the coupons in place.

Now take the other end of the cover and tuck it in under the flap too, pressing down to flatten it in place. Romantic Coupons Personalize Please wait while coupon-maker loads How it works Personalize your coupon messages Print from your home printer Assemble into an attractive booklet If your printer doesn't print double-sided automatically, select to print page 1 and then turn over the printed sheet and print side 2 on the other side.

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